Nationwide Janitorial and Building Maintenance

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CSG is one of the leading janitorial contractors and they are our #1 partner. We have very high standards, which they’ve exceeded time and time again. Communication and follow up is important to us and they make that their priority. Their CAP™ Software allows them to be proactive and provide consistent quality. Couple that with hiring the right people and training them to be accountable, and you’ve got a long-term partnership.

Dick Sortino, Wegmans

Nationwide Janitorial and 
Building Maintenance

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How Does Your Current Cleaning Service Hold Itself Accountable?

As a purchaser of professional cleaning services, have you ever wondered if you are really getting what you're paying for?

Providing clients with KPI's, or Key Performance Indicators is a great way for janitorial service providers to demonstrate their ability to meet their clients' operational budget and goals. Download this report to see if your current janitorial service provider is reporting KPI's that can establish the overall effectiveness of their company's janitorial service.

5 KPIs

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