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The CSG Story

As is the case with many cleaning companies, the CSG story begins with our founder, Dennis O’Brien, who started out in the industry working as a cleaner. His first small company suffered a devastating blow when he lost his largest customer, and he ended up closing the business.

However, unlike many entrepreneurs who find themselves in that situation, Dennis didn’t give up. He took the lessons he learned from that failure and applied them when he started Cleaning Services Group. Under his leadership, CSG has grown from a small start-up operation to a national organization with over 40 office branches that serve over 1,500 customer sites. However, Dennis has not forgotten his humble beginnings. To this day, he still visits with cleaners on the job site to get their feedback and hear their ideas.

How Does Your Current Cleaning Service Hold Itself Accountable?

As a purchaser of professional cleaning services, have you ever wondered if you are really getting what you’re paying for?

Providing clients with KPI’s, or Key Performance Indicators is a great way for janitorial service providers to demonstrate their ability to meet their clients’ operational budget and goals. Download this report to see if your current janitorial service provider is reporting KPI’s that can establish the overall effectiveness of their company’s janitorial service.

25+ year of experience



We don’t just perform routine concrete floor maintenance, we truly understand what your concrete needs in order to look better, last longer, and ultimately save you money.

Other floor surfaces we care for:

  • Stone floors (all types including granite, marble, travertine, slate)
  • Resilient VCT Tile
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Rubber Floor
  • LVT Floor

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