Are you thinking that it’s time to hire a new cleaning company? Maybe your current cleaners aren’t getting the job done as well as they used to, or perhaps their prices have skyrocketed but their service doesn’t merit the increased cost. If you’re still on the fence, here are five reasons why it’s time to hire a new cleaning company.

Reason #1: Inconsistent Service

When you walk into the building after your current cleaning service has finished their work, do you know exactly what you’ll find? Or do you hold your breath, hoping that the tasks are completed properly? If your janitorial service was always sub-par, you’d have fired them long ago, but they manage to do just enough to give you hope that they’ll improve.

If you’re not entirely sure what your cleaning service is contractually obligated to do, it’s time to take a look at your agreement. A quality service should completely transparent in their pricing as well as their offered services. If your current cleaners aren’t doing the job they agreed to do on a consistent basis, it’s time to hire a new cleaning company.

Reason #2: High Employee Turnover

You’re careful about the people that you give access to every part of your office, and when your cleaning company has high employee turnover, that means there’s a revolving door of people parading through your building when you’re not around. If your service is scrambling to find people to cover their clients, it’s unlikely that they’re fully training their new employees.

Unfortunately, you’re paying for these new-hires to be trained on the job, and you’re not getting the caliber of cleaning that you expect. Additionally, it’s possible that tasks are being overlooked and there’s a distinct possibility that your surfaces or equipment could be damaged. If you never know who’s cleaning your building, it might be time to hire a new cleaning company.

Reason #3: Lack of Communication

Do you call your contact at your cleaning company and leave a message, but never hear back? When you have a complaint or issue, does your cleaning company have a place for you to leave it or a protocol for handling it? If you do get through to a human being, are you offered vague reassurances that everything will be handled, but you never see any evidence that the issue’s resolved?

A failure to communicate is a major issue which might lead you to hire a new cleaning company. When your janitorial company doesn’t value your time or your input, perhaps it’s time to let them go.

Reason #4: Illegal Practices

Are you confident that your cleaning company’s hiring practices are completely legal and that they’re fully insured? If the answer to that is anything but a resounding yes, you could be at risk.

When a service hires undocumented workers or pays their employees as illegal subcontractors with cash under the table, that means that their workers aren’t insured. If the worker should accidentally damage your property or even steal something of value from your building, you’d have no recourse. Additionally, it’s unlikely that an agency that would undertake such practices would conduct extensive background checks, so you won’t know the caliber of person who might have access to your office after-hours.

Reason #5: No Accountability

Does your current cleaning company conduct routine inspections? If they don’t, it’s unlikely that the issues that keep popping up will ever be completely resolved. Say, for instance, your restrooms are consistently out of paper towels. You’ve left messages for your contact at the cleaning service, but you haven’t seen evidence that the problem is getting any better.

Regular inspections ensure that issues are addressed before they become a source of irritation. It also offers the cleaning service the opportunity to address any inconsistencies with their training protocols, ensuring that their team is properly trained to complete the tasks required of them.

If you’re tired of less-than-impressive results from your cleaning service, consider working with a company that values their customers. The CSG Difference ensures that you’ll get high-quality service at a price that won’t break the bank. Click here to contact us today!


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