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Airport Cleaning Services

The average airport serves thousands of people every day. That’s a lot of trash, dirt, spills, and bacteria in one place. If you’re going to keep your airport clean and sanitary for the comfort of passengers and employees, you need a team of experts who know all the ins and outs of commercial cleaning and the importance of creating a healthy environment

CSG has provided exceptional commercial cleaning services since 1992. Our team is experienced in all aspects of commercial cleaning, from what products and equipment to use to the logistics of cleaning a large facility to the need for strict security. We know how vital proper cleaning is to the smooth operation of your airport, and we have the expertise to create and execute the ideal cleaning plan to meet all of your needs. 

Exceptional Cleaning for an Easier Experience

Air travel can be stressful. Make the airport experience easier on your guests with exceptional airport cleaning services from CSG. We make travel more pleasant by providing attractive, hygienic spaces for passengers to wait for their flights. They’ll feel more confident in your brand and their health and safety when they see spotless floors and sanitized bathrooms

CSG cleans all areas of your airport to keep them to your standards, including: 

  • Terminals
  • Restrooms
  • Employee offices
  • Special VIP areas
  • Security checks
  • Ticket and check-in counters

Complete Airport Janitorial Services

Airports present unique cleaning challenges unlike any other. For starters, their sheer size and variety of areas make cleaning a daunting task for the uninitiated. Airports also never close. They need constant attention and a great deal of flexibility to do the job right. 

CSG offers full-time airport janitorial services to ensure there are no gaps in your cleaning coverage. We provide a complete menu of services so every area and surface of your airport gets the cleaning it needs to best serve your passengers and employees. Our team is trained to perform all types of cleaning so you see consistent work throughout your airport. 

We offer:

  • Janitorial services
  • Hard floor care
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Outside services
  • Construction cleanup

Besides our regular services, we are also on hand when you have a cleaning emergency. You never know what will happen at an airport, but with CSG you can rest assured we will always have the cleaning solution you need to provide a quality experience for travelers.

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Our Airport Cleaning Procedure

Our airport cleaning procedure is not so different from the process we follow with all of our valued clients at CSG. For instance, we always start with the client. We work with you to understand your facility’s unique challenges and needs. Then we craft a tailored cleaning plan to ensure your expectations will be met every time. 

Once you are satisfied with our plan for your airport, we train a team of skilled cleaning technicians to carry out the tasks you require with an eye for quality. They know what equipment and methods to use to give your airport areas the best cleaning possible. They also know how to address problems and communicate with supervisors about problem-solving. 

We understand the importance of security and safety in modern airports. That’s why we send only proven employees who have passed extensive background checks and have track records of good work. Our team is committed to working with you to follow all airport security protocols when on the premises. 

At CSG, we believe in being proactive and accountable in all we do. At every step of the way, we stay in contact with you to guarantee you are receiving the level of service you require. Our team, from regional offices on up, are dedicated to open communication with our clients so we can continue to provide personalized service.

Expert Airport Cleaning Services You Can Trust

Airport cleanliness is an important factor in customer satisfaction. You need someone who is able to provide all of the cleaning services you need to keep travelers at ease. CSG makes keeping airport facilities clean easy. Our expert technicians are skilled at providing quality cleaning in a timely fashion so your guests are never disappointed by the condition of your airport. 

If you want to earn the confidence of the thousands of passengers who come through your doors each year, talk to CSG. Our services are comprehensive and top-notch while remaining affordable. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make yours the cleanest airport around. 

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