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What Can Facility Managers Do To Cut Costs Without Cutting Quality? | Cleaning Services Group

Managing a facility, while it may include many unexpected “hats” to be worn (project manager, emergency preparedness expert, civil engineer, customer service manager, environmental impact guru, and financial strategist) does have some expected costs. Repairs, routine maintenance, cleaning, and replacement of furnishings as needed are all a part of building ownership and management.  While there are expectations for “routine” expenses, when it comes to tightening the budget belt, facilities management is the first to feel the pressure. So, the question remains, if and when budget cuts trickle in your direction, what can you do to assure that your facility continues […]

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Grocery Store Cleaning Services | Cleaning Services Group, Inc.

When a retail shopper enters a store and sees sticky floors, dirty surfaces, and dusty corners, it makes them want to turn around and run for the parking lot. Nothing quite turns off customers as much as filth, according to a new study by Consumer Reports. Cleanliness is the common factor among all top-rated U.S. grocery stores, supermarkets, and warehouse clubs. Consumer Reports found that the top 6 overall preferred stores – Central Market, Wegman’s, Heinen’s, Gelson’s Markets, Market Baskets, and Trader Joe’s – were also rated among the cleanest grocery stores in America. Retail Store Cleanliness: More Than the […]

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Office Buildings - Facility Management Trends

Elevate your company above others by taking a look at the latest facility management trends happening now as well as those on the horizon.  Incorporate them into your business and management strategies to create future scenarios, as well as implement new routines and schedules. While not every trend may fit into your business plan, being knowledgeable and aware of them will grow your employee and client’s confidence in your facility management services.  Below, we’ve highlighted the six current trends in facilities management. Trend #1 Economic growth  By 2025, the facilities management global outsourcing market will be worth $1 trillion, according […]

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Facility Management

Facility management events can be great places to find new vendors to work with, learn about industry best practices, and find new ways to manage your facility in an efficient and cost-effective way. We’ve compiled a list of the top seven facility management events for 2019 that will help you do all that and more! 1. SAME-IFMA 2019 FM Workshop The SAME-IFMA 2019 FM Workshop takes place this year in San Antonio, Texas, from February 6-8, and it’s not too late to register. There is a great deal of exhibits for facility managers to walk through, and the list of […]

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finding commercial tenants

Ensuring that their property is full of commercial tenants is the goal of any good property manager. Depending on the property’s location, the economy, current events, the market, or any other number of factors, this job can be challenging. There are a few things you can do to attract commercial tenants to your property, despite the issues of the outside world. Know Your Audience First things first, you need to know your target market. Who is your building intended to serve? If you are going to do some renovations, who would you like at attract with those renovations? Here are […]

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natural disaster cleanup

Natural disasters do not occur in just one part of the country, and they can happen all year round. While we cannot prevent natural disasters from happening in our communities, we can make sure that we are as prepared as possible to deal with them before, during, and after their occurrence. One of the most important steps is to have a plan in place for how you will deal with natural disaster cleanup. If you own a commercial building, you will want to get back to working order as quickly as possible. In order for that to happen, you need […]

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Hospital Cleaning

Keeping a hospital running smoothly is a hard job, but that job is made exponentially more difficult if you’re faced with low-quality hospital cleaning. Unfortunately, maintaining a high standard of cleanliness is a struggle for some hospitals to achieve, particularly if they’re experiencing budget challenges.  Hospital cleaning contractors and employees are consistently asked to do more hospital cleaning with less manpower, less cleaning equipment and product, and less time. What are the problems that hospitals combat when they face low-quality hospital cleaning? Read on for more information. Hospital Acquired Infections on the Rise In North America in particular, low-quality hospital […]

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emergency action plan

No matter what kind of facility, business, or building you run, an emergency action plan is absolutely necessary for a variety of reasons. OSHA requires emergency action plans, your insurance requires emergency action plans, and anyone who is working for you, staying in your facility, or even visiting your facility expects there to be an emergency action plan in case something unexpected happens in or near the building. There are a number of guidelines, organizations, and other resources to assist businesses in a wide array of industries, regardless of their location, create their emergency action plan. It can be overwhelming […]

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germiest place in the office

While we all might breathe a collective sigh of relief when flu season is over that does not mean the germs just fade away into the summer sunlight. Unfortunately, germs and illness can still be spread regardless of the season. Here are some of the surprising spots within your office that contain germs. #1 Germiest Place In Your Office: The Breakroom You might be surprised that it’s not the restroom! Nope, the germiest place in your office is likely the last place you imagine it would be, especially since you probably eat, or at least store, your meals there. It’s […]

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Commercial carpet cleaning

Replacing your commercial carpet is expensive and it can be time-consuming— in other words, you lose productivity and income. While no carpet lasts forever, is there a way to make sure your carpet lasts as long as possible? There is. Regular commercial carpet cleaning can preserve your carpet for the long-term. Facility managers need to understand two things: First, the building’s maintenance needs, and second, how to stay within budget while fulfilling those needs. One of the best ways to maintain the building and stay within your budget is to hire a cleaning company who can provide more than one […]

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