Is Your Commercial Cleaning Service Delivering What They Promised?


Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, trips and falls injure more than a million Americans every year, according to data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Center for Disease Control. These types of accidents account for an average of 11 days of lost work and 15 to 17 percent of all workers’ compensation expenditures. Most of these injuries are entirely preventable if facility managers and property owners take a proactive stance on safety. What Causes Slips, Trips and Falls in a Commercial Office Building or Other Facility? A slip or trip does not always end in a fall, but when it […]

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Grocery store cleanliness from your customers' perspective

You’ve probably shopped in a grocery store where the level of cleanliness left much to be desired; the floors were dirty, the shelves disheveled, and the bathroom unspeakable. Your eyes are wide open when you enter a store as a shopper, but are you able to see the flaws in your own establishment? Take a moment and look at your grocery store cleanliness from your customers’ perspective. How would you rate your store? “No way,” you might be thinking.  “Our store is clean!” However, when you work at a store, it’s easy to overlook things that are very evident to someone […]

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Janitorial Services - Hard Surface Cleaning

You place a premium on maintaining a clean facility, so you hire janitorial contractor. But have you considered your motivation for hiring a crew to conduct a thorough and professional cleaning of your facility? Are you more concerned about the appearance of your building, or is cleaning for health and sanitation your number one motivator? Cleaning for Health vs Appearance For many, cleaning is simply a commodity, not an investment into the health of the occupants and the visitors to the building. If they feel that the building’s appearance won’t suffer, they may slash the frequency of service in order to […]

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Does your facility have healthcare facility cleanliness challenges?

Proper healthcare facility cleaning is absolutely vital in today’s world. The concern about HAI’s (Healthcare Associated Infections) is higher than ever, which has cause healthcare facility cleanliness to come under fire. You can’t hire just any cleaning company; you must choose a company that understands that cleaning a medical facility goes beyond appearances. Their employees must be properly trained in medical cleaning and their training must include bloodborne pathogens, hand hygiene, cross-contamination, and HIPAA laws. In the general sector, “cleaning for appearance” is often considered more important than “cleaning for health” due to budgetary constraints. With medical cleaning, the staff […]

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Restaurant Cleaning Service

There’s nothing more off-putting to customers than walking into a dirty restaurant. If the first thing they see when they walk into your establishment is a filthy floor, tables strewn with debris, and unkempt staff, it’s unlikely that they’ll want to eat there. A recent poll of consumers found that a dirty floor alone could make 68% of patrons leave the premises immediately, and never come back. The immediately visible parts of the restaurant are grimy, so it’s natural to assume that the kitchen and bathrooms look even worse. In the age of Yelp reviews, it can be damaging to […]

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floor cleaning

Floor care in a commercial building can be a huge job, and the impact of a properly maintained floor can’t be underestimated. A dirty, dilapidated floor leaves visitors to your building with a negative impression that will be hard to dispel. Fortunately, preserving the integrity of your flooring is easier than ever before; the technology used in floor care is advancing in response to innovations in the manufacturing of flooring and floor care equipment. Importance of Floor Care Maintenance Building owners and property managers today are focused on their budgets. Costs are high, tenant fees low, and many buildings have too much empty […]

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Is your cleaning service costing you money?

Commercial property owners and building managers face a unique dilemma. It’s critical that they keep their facilities clean, but they also need to be budget conscious. Searching for a new commercial cleaning company is actually a lot of work. Between researching potential service providers, completing walk-throughs, obtaining proposals, choosing a new provider and severing ties with the old company, you may not have enough time to deal with other vital business matters. In the end, many managers end up caught between the need for change and the comfy stability of their current cleaning service. In reality, however, your complacency about […]

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Green Cleaning in Schools

How Green Cleaning Makes Academia Better In a world where going green is increasingly important, it’s vital not to overlook the small details. Cleaning services that provide environmentally-friendly options are on the rise, and in facilities like schools, they’re creating huge positive changes. Here are some of the reasons why as well as a few tips on how to adopt a green cleaning program that enriches your academic environment. What Is Green Cleaning? Cleaning products serve a number of roles. Most people know they get rid of visible dirt and debris, but they also help disinfect areas that might otherwise […]

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Coefficient of Friction measures floor safety

Seventy billion dollars is the average amount paid out in compensation and medical costs as a result of slip and fall accidents within the U.S.; and 55 percent of all of these accidents are caused by unsafe or unclean floors. Measuring the coefficient of friction on your hard surface floors is a step you can take to monitor slip resistance. With this information, you can work with your floor maintenance contractor to ensure a safe floor surface for customers and employees. Preventing Slip/Fall Accidents Building owners and managers know the importance of safety in their buildings and the cost implications […]

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Energy saving tips - use more efficient lighting

  It can be a difficult task for facility managers of commercial buildings to keep track of energy consumption. So we put together these energy saving tips to help keep utility costs down and increase the bottom line. A study conducted by the US Environmental Protection Agency revealed that the average building wastes 30 percent of the energy it consumes, which is a staggering amount and a significant waste of money. And if your systems are old, this amount could be even higher. Simple Energy Saving Tips Perform Energy Audits An audit is the best place to start when considering ways […]

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