Is Your Commercial Cleaning Service Delivering What They Promised?


Increase Profit by Decreasing Expenses

  “I Must Increase Profits.” It’s the daily mantra of many facility managers. You are being tasked to do more with a shrinking budget and rising expenses. It can feel like a constant uphill struggle. You are an integral part of running an efficient building and you are challenged with innovating the energy savings, recycling, asset management and costs of maintaining the facility. But how can you continue to do this with restricted budgets? Most by analyzing the data and cutting costs wherever they can find an area to scale back, such as janitorial services. But how can you cut back on janitorial […]

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Janitorial Cleaning Audits

As a building owner or property manager, it’s in your best interest to do your own janitorial cleaning audits in your facility. But it can be challenging to be objective about the process because most cleaning audits are subjective. This means that one person may find the dusting satisfactory while another may not. But it is in your best interest to assess whether your janitorial service provider is meeting or exceeding the specifications in the maintenance agreement, and to make sure you and the janitorial management are on the same page with the expected results. Identify the Goals of the […]

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