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Spend Time Running Your Facility, Not Letting it Run You

Are you spending more time training your employees only to retrain others because of the lack of retention holding on to your labor force? It’s no secret that high employee turnover has been a major concern in the facility services industry for many years. But, it doesn’t have to be if you choose a professional facility services partner who puts having low employee turnover at the top of their priorities. 

High Turnover Impacts More Than You Think

High turnover doesn’t just cause more training to be done on your part. It can cause safety issues, low-quality of services, employee health and wellness concerns, and it ultimately hurts your bottom line. A new trainee not only takes more time out of your day, he or she is more likely to misuse equipment, miss important duties, overuse supplies, and cover less square footage during their shift than someone more experienced. Even if this trainee is a commercial company’s employee, you are eating the costs as well by paying more for less. Why spend more time worrying about your facility’s safety, quality of cleanliness, and your bottom line when you can focus on your own priorities?

Spend More Time Running your Facility, Not Letting it Run You

When you have a facility services partner who finds, trains, and retains their own work-force, you benefit by having more time to spend running your facility. The best facility service partners understand how important it is to keep turnover rates low. What do the best-in-class do differently? 

  • Attract and screen the most qualified candidates including background tests and drug test
  • Provide specialized training emphasizing the exact scope of work, proper use of equipment, and chemicals to be used
  • Promote a culture of accountability by using a daily workflow and accountability schedule to be measured and reported on 
  • Use a hands-on management approach and constant line of communication through area, district, and regional managers all the way up to the President of the company, allowing feedback and quick adjustments to be made
  • Offer and require continual industry training for all employees to be up-to-date on best practices and cleaning regulations
  • Provide employees with competitive wages and benefits to encourage long-term employment

There is no need to waste time or energy finding and training facility services employees only to retrain others because of high turnover rates. At CSG, we have a patented CAP™ system, which enables us to promote a culture of accountability, resulting in a much lower turnover rate than the average cleaning company. CAP™ is a proprietary system that allows us to monitor the quality of service that every client receives. By attracting and properly qualifying the best people to work in your facility, we have built a nation-wide reputation of accountability and communication. Our cleaners and labor staff know that they are responsible for holding up the standard of service that’s expected from every member of the CSG team. They know they are an integral part of our success story. Our high retention rate allows us to pass those savings along to our clients. Quit spending your time training and retraining. Let CSG find, train, and retain our work-force for you. Let your facility benefit from a nation-wide leader in facility services.

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- Dennis O'Brien, Founder and CEO of CSG

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Spend Time Running Your Facility, Not Letting it Run You

Are you spending more time training your employees only to retrain others because of the lack of retention holding on to your labor force? It’s no...

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