Commercial Building Cleaning

Tackling the job of cleaning your whole commercial building can be a challenge, time to bring in the professionals. 

5 reasons why you need to hire a new cleaning company

Work with a company that values their customers.

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Handling the care of your own company's building or managing a building occupied by commercial tenants can be a massive undertaking. We are here to help you save time, and money by customizing a building cleaning plan that gives you exactly what you need to keep your building environment healthy for everyone in it. 

A few of our expertise:

Highly Customized Plan

At CSG, we engineer a building maintenance plan that gives you everything your building needs to extend the lifespan of its floors, carpets, furniture, windows and more. Our process works. We pride ourselves in our response times, equipment uptime, and our level of communication. 

How we work:

  1. Plan of action
  2. Specialized Training
  3. Background Checks, Team Meetings
  4. Final Walkthrough
  5. Daily Workflow and Accountability Schedule

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WHat sets us apart?

OUr Proprietary Technology

Our CAP™ technology is the only software in the industry that provides our customers with real-time access to Service Tracking, Scheduling, Audits, and KPI Metrics. This allows us to hold our people accountable for the services they perform. 


Communication + Accountability + Proactivity = Stress Free Customer


Color Coded Scheduling System

We support our customers with a color coded map of their floor plan detailing which areas will be serviced at any given time. This unique aspect of our process is another way we strive for accountability to our customers and provide them with real-time access to what is taking place in their commercial building. 


Our Support

One of the most important reasons we are a leader in the commercial services industry is our support to our customers. But don't just take our word for it, here is what a long time customer has said:

"One thing that is unique about CSG is that as large as they are, I still have access to upper management, which is not the case with many national companies." - David Rothberg (Laticrete International)

As a customer you have access to:

  • 24/7 hotline
  • Area Supervisor
  • District Manager
  • Regional VP of Operations
  • COO
  • President

CSG is proud to deliver hands on service to commercial buildings throughout the entire nation. 


Top of the line equipment

We use only the top of the line equipment for all our services. By doing so, we can assure our reliability to get the job done right and on time. With a commercial building, you cannot risk having broken cleaning equipment leaving you with an unclean building when you need it. 

Our equipment has a 98.4% uptime


OUr people

When people work for CSG, they are professionally trained, experienced, and reliable. You will not need to worry about the people cleaning your commercial building when you have CSG there. Our people show up. 

99.6% Service performance

Time for a new commercial building cleaning company. Connect today to learn more.