Ever since its founding in 1683 by William Penn, Dover has served as a central location for anyone in Delaware. Now as the state capital, it boasts thousands of locals and tourists every year and has a unique historic vibe throughout its many streets. 

As a business owner, you have the chance to thrive here. Whether it be through inviting locals to stop by now and then or convincing tourists to spend most of their time with you, your goal is to make an impact on the community that makes your company well known. 

Here at the Cleaning Services Group (CSG), we understand that. As business owners and Dover community members, our Dover commercial cleaning services are a great option for business owners like yourself to make the best first impressions possible and have a clean and healthy environment for all. 

Dover Commercial Cleaning Services

All-Inclusive Cleaning Options

When other commercial cleaning companies say they do it all, some of them will probably fall short. They might let you down in regards to price, options, or packages. They might even charge you extra for normal cleaning activities such as organization and window cleaning. 

At CSG, we provide a different kind of service. Our Dover commercial cleaning service is all-inclusive, meaning whatever it is that you need done cleaning-wise for your facility, we are able to provide it. 

We work with you and your budget to determine what could be best put together to create a customized cleaning plan for your business. Best of all, it’s always changeable, so if down the line something isn’t serving you, you’re more than welcome to change it. 

Our main services include:

Additionally, we also offer the option of providing you with a 24/7 clean through our day porter services. This is something that can be added to your plan — we’ll have one of our crew members stationed at your business daily. 

This crewperson would document any cleaning needs for the night crew and also make sure your daily needs are met, such as organization and making sure the toilet paper gets restocked. It allows for you to focus on your business and your employees to their jobs rather than take time to handle menial tasks.

During every consultation with a client, we give you a detailed list of our services and what they can do for you. If you have any questions — or need another service done that’s not on the list — we encourage you to speak up so we can figure out a way to get it done for you.

A Service for Every Industry

When you work with our professional commercial cleaning services, you’re working with the best. Thanks to our consistent certifications and training, we’re able to keep up to date on all cleaning rules, regulations, and procedures. 

This includes everything from what it takes to kill germs and viruses, how to properly clean areas with food such as in our grocery store cleaning, or how to make sure the floors in large facilitates are maintained such as in our warehouse cleaning services. 

We serve:

Because we are so dedicated to our clients, we won’t make you any promises or plans before we walk through your facility. This is so we know what we’re working with and what exactly your facility would benefit from. 

The CSG Difference 

Whether you need supermarket cleaning services, medical lab cleaning services, or cleaning services for your gyms, we have you covered. Working with CSG is working with a business partner who understands your wants and needs. 

At the end of the day, what you want is what you will get. You’re paying us to provide you with a safe and clean work environment that you and your employees can thrive in. You’re also paying us to help you make the best first impressions possible, and a clean floor with shiny windows will go a long way in making that happen. 

It’s what we like to call the CSG difference, and it shines through in everything that we do, from greeting you to providing our services to checking in now and again. Some of the other benefits that come along with working with CSG include:

  • Your facility is maintained on a regular basis so that you can focus on the things that matter.
  • Your money is invested in something that will actually pay off and make a difference.
  • Your trust is never being broken as all of our crew members are trained and certified in every area of cleaning they perform.
  • Your health (and the health of your employees and customers) is protected and maintained thanks to a clean facility. 

We’re so dedicated to our clients we offer sanitizing wipes that you can add to your package, so  you always have our level of cleaning and disinfection right at your fingertips. 

Request a Quote Today

If you’re ready to give your Dover business the edge that it needs to impact your community, then it’s time to work with the Dover commercial cleaning services of CSG. Not only do we understand you, but we genuinely want each of our clients to succeed and work to give them a perfect service every single day. 

For more information or to request your free quote today, click here. We can’t wait to meet you and get your facility sparkly, shiny, and like brand-new.


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