As the capital city of Connecticut, Hartford is a capital of history, offering exciting places to see such as Mark Twain’s home and Bushnell Park. When people visit, it offers views of the river and the opportunity to explore local businesses and eateries. 

As the owner of one of those local businesses, you want to provide the most inviting space possible, making people see what Hartford is all about. 

CSG has the ability to help you meet that goal, offering Hartford commercial cleaning services that will wow your customers and make your employees love the space they work in all over again. 

A Clean You Can See and Feel

As one of the nation’s leading janitorial and maintenance companies, CSG provides a clean that you can see and feel. Our team members are background-checked, certified and trained in all areas of cleaning, allowing us to offer a diverse range of service including:

Our list of services above is only a general sense of what we have to offer. For example, take our commercial floor cleaning services. We have the skills to offer cleaning for any type of floor you can think of, and even offer specialized plans for those floors, such as our expert concrete polishing services

The best part of our services is that they are completely customizable. Your cleaning plan will be whatever you make it and fit whatever budget you give us. We want you to have a clean that’s worth the money and doesn’t break the bank, as all business should. 

One of our most popular services is our national janitorial services. They can be used daily, weekly or even monthly in any industry you can think of. We provide the basics such as dusting, mopping, sweeping, surface wipe down and supply restock. Because business owners like yourself shouldn’t be worried about the toilet paper running out in the downstairs restroom. 

Hartford Commercial Cleaning Services

Industries We Serve

CSG is excited to offer its Hartford commercial cleaning services to the following industries:

Don’t see your industry listed? Even if your industry is a hybrid, or something not even on the list, CSG has the ability to help you. We pride ourselves on providing our expert service to as many people as possible in the Hartford community thanks to our consistent effort to stay up to date on all cleaning procedures and rules. 

Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

Why do our clients love working with us? We keep everything as simple as possible, providing a top-notch commercial cleaning service that doesn’t break the bank and makes them feel like they finally have their cleaning needs in control again. 

Sounds too good to be true? Let us tell you how we do it.

  • Communication: You’ll always know what’s happening with your cleaning plan through our daily updates and conversations with our team members. Whether we’re providing you a singular service such as commercial carpet cleaning, or your plan is more invasive, you’ll always have the ability to speak with a team member. 
  • Accountability: We hire the right people, we train our team members, and we always ask how we can get better. Even if there is something small you’re not happy with, we want to know what it is so we can fix it and make it as close to perfect as we can for you. Each team member always checks in with their supervisors daily as well, making it a full circle of accountability.  
  • Proactivity: Once we recognize a problem, we discuss how it happened and come up with solutions to fix it. Consider if you had a problem with your commercial floor care and we missed doing something. We would ask what the issue is, immediately get it done and work towards it not happening again. The main goal is to always ask the question of “What else can I do?” because we always want our customers to be 100% satisfied with the service we’ve provided.

It’s what we call consistency without compromise and we provide it every day. 

Expert Hartford Commercial Cleaning Services

If you’re ready to finally have commercial cleaning services for your Hartford business that don’t break the bank and allow you to have zero stress in regards to your cleaning needs, it’s time to work with CSG. 

As a business that puts the client first, we want to show you what you’ve been missing and let you know we’re the best business for the job. Reach out to us today for more information.


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