Commercial Cleaning Services in Orlando, FL

From Walt Disney World to Seaworld and Universal, Orlando, FL is one of the country’s busiest vacation spots. Abundant entertainment and year-round mild weather are one of the many reasons that a whopping 5.77 million people visited the city in 2021.

But Orlando isn’t just a great place to visit. It is also a fantastic place to live. Outdoor festivals, great schools, a wide variety of housing, city parks, and fitness centers are among the many reasons people love living in this Orange County, FL town.

If you own a grocery store, retail store, or distribution center that is tasked with serving the residents and visitors of this busy city, you want to make the best possible first impression with a pristine, inviting space. That means hiring experienced commercial cleaning services in Orlando. AT CSG, Inc. our meticulous Orlando commercial cleaning service gives you peace of mind that your facility is always sparkling clean and ready for customers and employees.

Commercial Floor Care Services in Orlando

What is your first thought when you enter a commercial facility that has a poorly maintained floor? Dirty, scratched, chipped floors leave an impression of a facility that is not cared for. And even worse, a loose tile or slippery floor can be dangerous!

CSG, Inc. is an Orlando commercial cleaning service with extensive experience in all types of national floor maintenance services. Not every floor maintenance company has the know-how to clean a variety of flooring. But CSG, Inc. does!

Here are just a few of the types of floor surfaces we clean:

  • Concrete floor cleaning service and concrete floor polishing in Orlando
  • Stone floors (including granite, marble, travertine, and slate)
  • Resilient VCT tile
  • Ceramic tile
  • LVT flooring
  • Terrazzo floor care
  • Rubber floor cleaning

Here’s how our Orlando commercial cleaning service is different when it comes to floor cleaning:

  • Our team understands that your floor is more than just a surface! The condition of your floor creates an impression for your customers and employees. We are exceptionally detail-oriented when it comes to taking care of your hard floor.
  • We understand that your floors likely have dozens (or even hundreds!) of pairs of feet on them every single day. That means they need TLC so they can continue to work for you!
  • We bring our extensive expertise and high standards to every job we do, ensuring you see the results you are entitled to expect, without exceeding your budget.

In addition, we use top-of-the-line equipment and employ a proactive maintenance plan so that our equipment is always available to service your floor:

  • We have certified mechanics on call nationwide for our hard floor cleaning service
  • In the rare circumstance that a piece of equipment is not operational for a short time, we have backup equipment ready to go
  • Our crew performs weekly audits and a full maintenance schedule on every piece of equipment.
  • We perform preventative maintenance on all our equipment every quarter.

Proprietary technology at CSG

AT CSG, we are technological leaders among all national cleaning services companies. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure nothing falls through the cracks, allowing us to deliver exemplary customer service. Our proprietary CAP technology provides scheduling, internal audits, and key performance reports so you always get excellent service and results.

  • CAP defines our results so we can hold our crews accountable. This allows us to consistently meet your standards.
  • Our Customer Service Blueprint enables us to be proactive and correct any issues or concerns in real-time.
  • Every employee requires authentication, which allows us to maintain a high level of security.

Premier Janitorial Services in Orlando

Other services provided by CSG, Inc include:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Emergency and disaster cleaning
  • Sanitizing wipes
  • Construction cleanup services

National janitorial service for Orlando and surrounding communities

All national commercial cleaning services are not created equal. At CSG, Inc., we are committed to providing peerless national cleaning services for Orlando commercial facilities. Unlike other janitorial cleaning companies, we use key performance indicators to meet your budget and goals and establish the overall effectiveness of our national janitorial service.

CSG, Inc. founder Dennis O’Brien started out in the industry as a cleaner. When his first small company failed due to the loss of his largest client, he took the lessons he learned from that experience and created CSG. Inc. Today, CSG, Inc. is a national organization with more than 400 office branches serving over 1,500 customer sites.

Our commercial cleaning company serves the following industries:

  • Distribution centers
  • Grocery stores
  • Gym and fitness centers
  • Schools
  • Medical and health facilities
  • Restaurants and hospitality
  • Office buildings
  • Municipalities
  • Multi-site retail stores

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