Commercial Cleaning Services in Pittsburgh, PA

Known as the “Three Rivers City,” Pittsburgh is a welcoming city full of nature, culture, and cuisine. Host to visitors from all over the world, it’s no wonder that people view Pittsburgh as one of the most authentic places to visit or live, a place where everyone is welcome.

If you own a business, no matter the type, you probably see a lot of people entering your space every day. With those people come dirt, grime, and germs that hide in every possible nook and cranny.

To keep your space safe, shiny, and clean, look no further than the Pittsburgh Commercial Cleaning Services of CSG.

Diverse Industry Service

CSG understands that every business’s needs are different. As a leader of national janitorial services in the United States, we strive to treat every business uniquely, creating a customized plan that works for their specific needs. This plan ensures that their business will look its best, creating a positive impression for any visitor.

We service a diverse range of industries, including, but not limited to:

  • Airport Cleaning Services: As a hub that serves thousands of people a day, your business needs to know your janitorial contractors get the job done and get it done well. Offering deep cleaning services, regular commercial cleaning services, and disinfection services, CSG can even provide daily cleaning services to help your customers feel right at home and safe from germs at your airport. 
  • Construction Cleaning Services: Construction crews work long, grueling days and they often leave the space in a less-than-stellar condition when they’re done. You don’t have the time or the know-how to clean up the debris that’s left behind, which is why a construction cleanup company is a great choice. Let us do the hard work and you can focus on your priorities. 
  • Bank Cleaning Services: When people walk into a bank, they expect to walk into a space that is well kept and clean. The way your bank or financial institution looks speaks volumes to your customers about how you handle their money. CSG commercial cleaning services will make sure you make the best first impression possible. 
  • Hotel and Restaurant Cleaning Services: The last thing owners of hospitality services need is dirt, grime, odor, and bacteria to linger after a hard day’s work. CSG understands the strict cleaning guidelines expected of restaurants and hotels; entrusting us with the care of your business is stress-free. Not only that, we know what needs to be cleaned, and with what equipment and solutions— you can relax knowing that nothing will be ruined in the cleaning process. 

You can find the full list of industries that we serve on our website. We guarantee we will be able to help your business shine, no matter the industry.

Trustworthy Pittsburgh Commercial Cleaning Services

Here at CSG, we’ve learned a lot in the years we’ve been working in the cleaning business. We’re proud of our commercial cleaning services. Today, we serve over 1,500 customer sites a day.

When you work with CSG, you can feel confident that you’re working with a company you can trust to care for your Pittsburgh business. We treat each site as though it were our own, cleaning like we’ll be the ones serving customers in that space the next day.

Our process when working with clients makes us stand out from the rest, showcasing the CSG difference.

When we’re first awarded a new contract, we always visit the site to see what we’re working with. We work with you, asking you to share your specific expectations from your cleaning service.

In addition to learning about you, we are very focused on ensuring that our staff is up to your standards. Not only is every staff member subject to a background check, but they are trained in the upcoming space they will be working with as well as any equipment that will be needed to best clean that space.

From there, you can leave the hard work to us. Afterward, we’ll work closely with you to ensure that everything is exactly how you want it. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll work hard to fix our processes until you are satisfied with our job.

That’s the CSG difference.

Superior Pittsburgh Commercial Cleaning Services

Living and working in Pittsburgh, PA provides you endless opportunities to make connections and provide service to great people. If your business is in need of commercial cleaning services in Pittsburgh, reach out to CSG on our website to submit a free service inquiry.

We can’t wait to help your Pittsburgh business be a safe and inviting space for all who visit it.


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