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As the largest urban center in Western Virginia, Roanoke has it all. There are gastronomical delights such as craft beverages and innovative restaurants, cultural offerings including live bluegrass and classical music, and of course kayaking on the Upper James River Water Trail. Outdoor adventure opportunities are abundant in picturesque Roanoke. Because it is surrounded by mountain ranges and includes multiple access points to the Appalachian Trail, beautiful Roanoke is a hiker’s dream. 

If you own a business in Roanoke, you want it to be as attractive as your surroundings! No matter what type of facility you own or maintain or the size of your budget, CSG, Inc., the premier Roanoke commercial cleaning service, can help! 

At CSG, Inc., we understand that Roanoke’s retail and grocery store customers expect pristine facilities when they shop. As the most knowledgeable, experienced Roanoke commercial cleaning service, we are committed to providing detail-oriented services and exceptional results. 

Your one-stop Roanoke commercial cleaning service

At CSG, Inc., we understand that when you hire a company for commercial cleaning services in Roanoke, you want it to provide all of the services you need. For example, having to hire one commercial cleaning company for floor maintenance service and one for janitorial services in Roanoke is inefficient and inconvenient. That is why CSG, Inc. provides everything you need to keep your space looking its best. 

Floor care services in Roanoke

At CSG, we understand that your commercial facility’s hard floors are an asset, and you want them to last as long as possible. That is why our national hard floor cleaning service uses a methodical process to ensure every type of hard floor surface is clean, shiny, and free of debris. 

Our national hard floor cleaning service includes these surfaces:

  • Stone
  • Resilient VCT tile
  • Ceramic tile
  • Rubber 
  • LVT 
  • Concrete 

If you’re looking for concrete floor polishing in Roanoke, you can be confident that CSG, Inc. will get the job done! Our national floor maintenance company specializes in concrete floor polishing and uses a proven, thorough process. Here’s how it works: 

  1. We begin by prepping your floors by stripping the existing finish using a stripping chemical. We then remove the chemical, clean the floor, and use our state-of-the-art professional-grade equipment and supplies.
  1. The next step of our concrete floor cleaning service is to grind the concrete surface to ensure it is smooth, the sealant adheres correctly, and it is glossy. To do this, we use a proprietary, nanoparticle liquid abrasive. We then grind the floors with our Lavina Propane Grinder, to remove wear and stains and allow the liquid to penetrate the porous concrete. 
  1. Next, we use sealant-infused cleaning and burnishing maintenance pads to push the sealant into the little holes and cracks of the concrete for maximum adherence, providing a deep gloss.
  1. Lastly, we create a customized plan to keep your newly polished concrete floor looking its best for as long as possible!

How are we different?

When it comes to maintaining your retail or grocery store space, you shouldn’t have to compromise on any detail. At CSG, Inc., we pride ourselves on our personalized cleaning plans for all our clients. This allows us to meet your goals while staying within your budget. We also provide all our clients with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to prove our effectiveness. Here’s what makes us different: 


At CSG Inc., we are committed to anticipating your needs. You won’t have to make multiple phone calls or send numerous emails to get a response. You can expect us to call you before you’ve had to reach out to us! 


Our proprietary CAP software gives you real-time access to reports, so you’ll know that we are delivering on your high expectations for a national janitorial service. With CAP, you can be confident that we will meet your standards and do so consistently. 


CSG uses a Customer Service Blueprint to monitor your space every day. With this proactive approach, you can expect us to correct any issues or concerns in real-time.

High-quality national cleaning services for Roanoke businesses.

All janitorial cleaning companies are not alike.  When it comes to national commercial cleaning services, CSG Inc. is different. As the premier national janitorial service provider, you can expect highly communicative customer service, exceptional results, and customized maintenance and cleaning plans. 

CSG, Inc. founder Dennis O’Brien first worked as a cleaner. When his first small cleaning company failed, he persevered, ultimately forming CSG, Inc. CSG, Inc. is now a national company with more than 40 office branches that serve 1,500 customer sites! Despite the company’s size, Dennis still visits cleaners on the job to solicit feedback and ideas. 

CSG, Inc. serves the following industries

  •       Distribution centers
  •       Grocery stores
  •       Gym and fitness centers
  •       Medical offices and facilities 
  •       Schools
  •       Restaurants and hospitality
  •       Office buildings
  •       Municipalities
  •       Multi-site retail stores

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