Commercial Cleaning Services in Spokane

From Spokane Falls to Riverfront Park, Spokane acts as the cultural and economic epicenter of the area. As the second-largest city in Washington, people are always moving in and out — providing business owners like yourself the opportunity to really make an impact.

As you run your business, you need to make sure your space is not only presentable but also a healthy environment for all those who are there. However, there’s not enough time in the day for you to restock toilet paper and continuously wipe down counters.

That’s why working with the Spokane commercial cleaning services of Cleaning Services Incorporated is the perfect fit for you. With business owners like you in mind, we created a hands-on cleaning process that gets rid of dirt and kills bacteria and germs on the spot, leaving you a spotless facility for the next day of action.

Comprehensive Spokane Commercial Cleaning Services

Here at CSG, we consider ourselves a step above other professional commercial cleaning services. Not only are we dedicated to each of our clients, but we’re also constantly working with them to figure out how to take their cleaning plan to the next level.

We’re a one-stop-shop for every cleaning service you may need. We know that choosing a cleaning company is an investment, and we showcase to our clients that we are an investment worth making every time we work with them.

Our comprehensive Spokane commercial cleaning services include:

  • National janitorial services
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Construction cleanup
  • Office cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Outside services
  • Emergency and disaster cleanup

Something you need done that’s not on the list? Don’t go just yet! Reach out to us, and let’s discuss possible service options with you. We want to help your business and showcase to you we’re dedicated to your vision.

Industries We Serve

It can be frustrating for business owners to choose a cleaning company only to find they don’t serve their industry. One of the main things that sets CSG apart from other cleaning companies is that we serve a wide range of industries.

From medical labs to airports, we have the tools, skills, and training to clean your business from top to bottom — no matter what industry you’re in. We follow all cleaning rules, guidelines, and regulations to make sure all of your bases are covered.

We service:

The last thing you’ll have to do when working with CSG is micromanage our service and make sure we’re doing everything we need to. We genuinely care about your business, and we’ll treat your space like our own.

Spotlight: Supermarket Cleaning Services

Our grocery store cleaning services are one of our most detailed and thorough services we offer to our customers in Spokane. You can’t clean a grocery store the same way you would clean a warehouse, which is why our services are specific in what they do.

There are three important areas of the grocery store: the entryway, the produce sections, and the stock area.

The entryway is the first impression your customer will get of your business. It not only needs to be spotless, but your floors also need to be cleaned and maintained regularly to hold up to all the foot traffic.

The produce sections include food that may sit on shelves for some time. It’s important they are continuously wiped down and dusted to keep food fresh and ready for sale.

The stock area is where employees regularly congregate. The area needs to be cleaned and disinfected to ensure that all employees work in a healthy environment and don’t pass around bacteria and viruses.

With our cleaning processes, we’ll make your grocery store clean, disinfected, and ready to serve customers daily.

The CSG Difference

At CSG, we pride ourselves on providing a consistent service that doesn’t make our customers compromise on their service. Often you’ll find that affordable Spokane commercial cleaning services don’t provide a full service or charge extra fees to provide things that you need.

When you choose to work with CSG, you get to experience the CSG difference. We are:

  • Trustworthy: You never have to wonder who is cleaning your facility or what they look like. Each team member is background checked and wears a uniform.
  • Dedicated: We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if there’s something you’re not happy with, we’ll come fix it right away. We also sanitize your space in every service to ensure everything is as clean as possible.
  • Communicative: We are always open for discussion at almost all times of the day. Thanks to our available technology services, you can consistently message us or check on the status of your cleaning.
  • Affordable: At the end of the day, working with CSG is an affordable option for any business of any size.

Thanks to our processes, people, and commitment to the craft, we provide a stellar service to each of our clients that’s personalized to them.

Request a Quote Today

If you’re a Spokane business owner who’s ready for a change of pace with an affordable commercial cleaning company, reach out to us today for a free quote. From warehouse cleaning services to office sanitization, CSG is ready and excited to serve you.


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