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What if you could use one company to deliver consistent, affordable, and safe concrete floor polishing for all your locations?

CSG Inc has been operating in the US for over 25 years and has developed proven systems including proprietary software and processes to deliver superior concrete cleaning and polishing services.

Consider these facts when using multiple floor care companies at your locations.

  • Each company uses their own maintenance program, which may or may not be the most efficient for your location. That in turn, can affect the price you pay.
  • Each company uses different products on your floors, and the more products they use, the more your price will climb. Plus, different products and procedures affects how the floor looks. Some may have a high-gloss look, others may be designed to give a matte finish.
  • Some companies use diamond pads every time they put a machine on your floor, others use a sealer system. One wears down the layers of concrete with each pass, the other can build up layers of finish on the floor.
  • When you use many floor maintenance companies to care for your floors, you’ll be paying multiple invoices and you’ll be dealing with many different people. This increases your costs.
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Choose the commercial concrete polishing company that leads the nation - here’s why:

Cleaning Services Group (CSG), operates nationwide and specializes in concrete floor polishing services. We start by assessing each floor’s condition. The process includes using devices to measure the concrete density and moisture level, which can help to determine which floor care program we’ll use. Our most popular floor care program, and the one that will keep your floor consistently clean and polished for many years, is our Acid Blocker program. Instead of grinding down the floor with diamond pads every time we service the floor, we use a safer, longer lasting program using an acid blocker product applied with an auto-scrubber. This will give your floors a consistent, long-lasting look. To learn more about our process and how we can reduce your floor maintenance costs, contact CSG today!
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