You want the cleaning company that will best suit your facility; does that mean you should use a nationwide cleaning company?

Well, that depends on your needs. If your company is strictly local, and you have no plans for branching out beyond your current city or state, then a local cleaning company would be a good fit. Or, if you’ve got a few locations within a metro area, it’s unlikely that a national cleaning company will be required. You might not even need to engage the services of a national company if your organization serves a certain region, covering 3 or 4 states. There are likely regional companies that cover your area.

However, if your business has branches across the country, then a national cleaning service might be the best option for you.

Who Needs a Nationwide Cleaning Company?

So, what kind of facility would benefit from using a national cleaning company? A company with facilities all over the country. National banks with branches across the country will often contract out their cleaning to a nationwide organization.

Or, perhaps a grocery chain with stores in many states would find it beneficial to use a cleaning company with a countrywide presence. (We service grocery chains such as Whole Foods and Kroger, to name just a few.

National retailers such as Bass Pro Shops, Kohls, Burlington, and Walgreen see the advantages of using a cleaning company with a wide reach.

Nationwide chain restaurants use national cleaning companies. We partner with Ruby Tuesdays, to name one example.

Even medical facilities that service many states utilize our services for their different locations. We work with FastMed, which has urgent care centers nationwide.

Why Use a Nationwide Cleaning Company?

Let’s look at some of the qualities that a nationwide cleaning company can bring to your facilities that cover the country.

One Vendor

It’s much easier to keep track of a single vendor for your whole organization rather than tracking down invoices from every state—or even every city! Instead, you can make a single payment to one vendor, saving a lot of time for bookkeeping and accounting staff.

Cleaning with Consistency

A nationwide cleaning company is a large company, and a large company can’t function unless they have some rock-solid processes in place. When you engage a cleaning company with a nationwide presence, you can rest easy knowing that the way they clean your facility in Boston is the same way they’ll clean the facility in Phoenix.

Clear Communication

Again, a national company’s size is to your advantage; they must communicate nimbly in order to do business. In fact, large companies are far more likely to adopt technology to make their communication even more efficient. You won’t be left hanging, waiting for a call back from the one person on duty, as you might with a smaller organization.


If your organization grows, adding more facilities, a nationwide cleaning company can grow with you. They’ve got the capability to expand their services as necessary, which many local businesses don’t have. In fact, here at CSG, we have teams in place that are utilized exclusively for helping new facilities prepare for opening. No need to hire an outside cleaning company to do new construction cleaning or remodeling cleaning – we’ve got you covered.

Large Projects

Do you need a particularly large project done, such as emergency or disaster cleanup or carpet cleaning, they can fit this into the schedule. A nationwide company will have the equipment necessary (no rentals required) and the staff available to make it happen on your schedule, not theirs.

Consistent Training

A large organization will have training programs in place for their employees; every person who walks into your facility will have received the same consistent training.

National Buying Power

A large organization can get supplies such as cleaning products, paper supplies, and equipment at a better price than a local company; buying in bulk gives them better purchasing power. A small company will spend more for the same products, so it’s a cost-saving measure to use a nationwide cleaning company.

If you have large organization with facilities across the country, a nationwide cleaning company could be the option that will save you time as well as money. The less time you spend checking up on work and tracking down invoices or a customer service rep, the more time you have to expand your business. Contact us today; we’d love to talk with you about taking the first step toward working with a reputable nationwide company.


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