It’s time to hire a new commercial cleaning service for your office cleaning, but you’re tired of paying top dollar for cleaning that doesn’t meet your high standards. How do you know you’ll get the most bang for your buck—a cleaning service that meets your standards, but won’t break your bank?

Say, for example, you’re presented with proposals from three different commercial office cleaning services, and you decide to go with the one that has the lowest price. Chances are good that you’re going to be disappointed with the level of service they provide. (After all, you get what you pay for.) However, that doesn’t mean we’re suggesting you should pay an outrageous sum to ensure that you’re getting the quality of service you deserve.

How do you avoid this potential disaster? Well, there are several points you should consider before you commit to contracting with a commercial office cleaning company. Let’s explore them, point by point.

What to Consider When Choosing an Office Cleaning Service

  • Check Their Specifications — As you look at the proposals from different office cleaning companies, be sure that you’re comparing apples to apples. Check into the specific services they offer to make certain that they’re comparable. If you don’t provide them with a list of specifications that you require, they should offer you one of their own. What’s a specifications list? It’s a detailed account of the tasks that will be done, and the frequency that the tasks are completed. You might find that a lower-priced proposal doesn’t offer some of the services you require, or if they do, they don’t perform them at the frequency you require to maintain your standards.
  • Look at Costs — Of course, each of the office cleaning companies you’re considering has operating costs. These include things such as labor, employee benefits, supplies, and insurance. The prices vary based on the quality of the workers as well as the quality of the company. For example, worker’s compensation rates can vary greatly depending upon the company’s safety history. Do you want to pay more because of the company’s lax safety training? Of course not! Don’t be afraid to inquire about their standards for safety, their training practices, or their worker’s comp rates.
  • Check the Numbers — Small janitorial cleaning companies can be wonderful, but if they’re not experienced, there can be issues when they quote their price to clean your office. They might offer a very enticing price, but once they realize their error, they will either come back to you requesting more money, or they might even start to cut back on the services they promised to provide in order to make a profit. Make sure they understand what your expectations are from the beginning, and that you expect them to complete the work they agreed to perform.
  • Watch Your Budget — Naturally, you’ve got a budget set for your janitorial cleaning needs; an experienced cleaning company will help you to stay within that budget and maintain the standards you require. They understand that it’s necessary to “workload” your location, which means that they will estimate exactly how much work can be done per worker through a specific time period. They’ll need to get an accurate measurement of your space, and then they’ll be able to make an accurate estimate of how much it would cost to clean the space in the manner you want it cleaned. Additionally, they will have a good grasp of what areas require more frequent attention, and will price it accordingly.

Accountability is key. Your office cleaning company should be able to explain how they plan to keep themselves accountable to you, and how they will deliver on the services they have promised.  We are proud to offer transparency to our clients, with a detailed explanation of the processes we use to keep us accountable.


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