Health code violations are a terrifying boogeyman for any business working with food. Unfortunately, sometimes that nightmare becomes a reality. If your business is slapped with a health code violation during a routine inspection, don’t panic. Keeping a cool head and taking quick action can minimize the damage inflicted by a health code violation and get your business set for complete recovery.

Don’t Treat the Inspector Like an Enemy

Remember, the health code inspector isn’t working against you, eager to close your business for good. Instead, they’re working to keep the people in your community safe from potentially dangerous infractions against the health code.

If you should get a health code violation, don’t leap into defensive mode. Instead, respectfully listen to what the inspector has to say, keep an open mind, and ask questions to help you understand why you received a violation in the first place. If the violation is insignificant enough, the inspector might even allow you to correct it before they leave the premises— but only if you’ve been open and friendly. Nobody wants to help when greeted with hostility.

Understand the Health Code Violation

Before you set about addressing the issue, take time to thoroughly review the actual health code violation. There are varying levels of complexity associated with health codes, so while some might be obvious, others are more nuanced.

If, for instance, you’re cited for pest issues, it’s clear that the inspector saw something that definitely doesn’t belong in your kitchen, such as mice, roaches or droppings. However, if you’re cited for an issue related to your kitchen’s equipment, that might require a bit more investigating.

Correct the Health Code Violation Immediately

Once you have a clear understanding of your particular health code violation, it’s time to swing into action.

First, be prepared to fully resolve the problem. “Good enough” isn’t the attitude to take toward a health code violation. Instead, be prepared to invest your time, money, and energy into making things right. Do you need updated equipment? Have it professionally installed, as soon as possible. Do you have a pest problem? Contact a licensed pest control pro and ask them to come in and handle the issue immediately. And also make sure you get to the source of the infestation to prevent it from re-occurring.

Get Help to Prevent a Future Health Code Violation

Another way you can head off other health code violations down the road is to bring in a professional cleaning service to help you ensure everything is up to your very high standards.

A professional cleaning service has the training and tools to handle the deep cleaning that will keep health code violations a distant memory. They’ll handle the big jobs, such as cleaning the kitchen hoods, grease traps, and exhaust fans, or pressure washing the building’s floors and exterior entryways as well as keeping the floor mats and carpeted areas clean and tidy.

CSG has the training and experience to help you avoid health code violations in the future. Learn more about the CSG difference, and see for yourself how it can improve your business! Contact us today!


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