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Industries Served by CSG

CSG is a leader in janitorial services in the United States. Below is a comprehensive list of industries served. We are proud to clean over 60,000,000 square feet at more than 1,500 customer sites every day.  We have experience working with companies from over a dozen different industries, many of whom have very specific requirements when it comes to their cleaning needs.

Grocery and Retail Chains

The overall appearance of a business that’s open to the public is crucial for making a good, lasting impression on customers, and this is especially true in retail, as people may be put off entering your shop or making a purchase if it is unclean. Customers feel safer, their confidence in you is higher, and your sales are enhanced by a well-kept enterprise. Cleaning and housekeeping for retail and grocery stores should be trusted to a professional company because they are trained to do it properly. We provide expert cleaning services to groceries and retail facilities nationwide.

Educational Facilities and Universities

We use a sustainable approach to cleaning and will customize the program to fit your individual needs. Our environmentally friendly cleaning programs will improve indoor air quality and reduce the spread of germs throughout the facility. This leads to a healthier, more productive environment for students, faculty, and staff. When preventing the spread of the cold and flu viruses, the cleaning of your educational facility must be done in the same manner and to the same standard, every time. Our quality control processes, as well as the way we train all of our employees, ensure your building will join you in the fight against germs.

Office Buildings, Call Centers, and Commercial Properties

Our cleaning process is designed to provide the healthiest workplace possible by reducing the spread of germs in your facility. All of our cleaning teams are trained not only in our processes but for your specific needs in your office building. By workloading the cleaning tasks, we are able to stay within the budget we outline in your custom cleaning proposal. Call our customer service team today to schedule your free consultation.

Hotels and Restaurants

Regardless of which state you’re in, your local health department or fire department are permitted to conduct a surprise inspection of your restaurant or hotel at any time. Across the country, health code standards are very strict; it’s smart to engage a cleaning service that will take them seriously. CSG uses the appropriate equipment to ensure that your restaurant or hotel is up to your health department’s benchmark. You want your health department rating to be as high as possible.

Medical Facilities

Maintaining a clean environment in a medical facility is critical. A clean facility reduces the risk of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) to patients and allows your staff to work in a safe and healthy environment. A clean medical facility has higher ratings, which can lead to more business, and profitability. Our employees go through background checks in addition to our extensive training. While healthcare laws and regulations vary from state to state, our staff is trained for the state they work in. Our entire company is in strict compliance with federal health care regulations.

Distribution Centers

We have the experience to help you keep your distribution center a clean and healthy work environment for your employees and anyone else who walks into your facility. Distribution centers are even bigger now than they ever have been before, thanks to the increase in online ordering. We know you need every moment to focus on your business, so let us focus on your cleaning!


Public buildings are kept clean on strict budgets outlined at the beginning of the fiscal year for municipalities. We have experience in working within these guidelines to keep these buildings clean for all of their citizens. CSG has the resources and a unique process to help get you the most out of each dollar you spend with us. If you are ready to create a comprehensive plan to keep your municipal buildings clean and maintained without breaking your budget, we are ready to help.

Banks and Financial Institutions

Financial institutions want their customers to know that they can trust them with their money. If your building is not well kept, why would your customers think their money would be? CSG will make sure your lobby stays clean, your windows are sparkling, and your employee areas are just as immaculate. We do background checks on all of our employees so you can trust that our staff is as trustworthy as yours.

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