Many facilities choose concrete, so consistently good concrete polishing is an issue they face.

Concrete flooring will hold up to heavy foot traffic much better than other flooring options, such as carpet or vinyl flooring. Over time, choosing concrete can save you money because you don’t have to replace concrete flooring as often as you would carpet or other types of floors. However, if your floors are going to stand the test of time and still look presentable, you need to find a cleaning company who understands the importance of properly polishing concrete.

Unfortunately, some commercial facilities with concrete floors run into the problem of inconsistent floor polishing. Here are three of the most common problems with concrete polishing.

Concrete Polishing Problem #1: Multiple Locations, Multiple Looks

Restaurant chains often have a few different locations within the same city. Grocery stores might have a few locations within the same few miles, too. According to a business’s branding, these locations should look alike.

Typically, the walls, seating, pictures, and floors have the same colors from location to location. The same color scheme is carried across throughout the company. If the floors of one location look very different than those of another location, it’s going to stand out— and not in a good way. Now your concrete polishing is not just a cleanliness issue, but a branding issue as well.

Concrete Polishing Problem #2: High Cost of Floor Maintenance

Regular floor maintenance is not cheap— particularly when the maintenance isn’t done the right way the first time, resulting in more than one visit. Add to that multiple locations with multiple different companies taking care of your concrete polishing, all with different schedules and rates, and you’ll find that your costs can skyrocket quickly.

Working with just one company to complete all the concrete polishing for your locations will streamline the process of communication and billing to save your company time and money. Plus, you’ll know it’s done the right way the first time.

Concrete Polishing Problem #3: Different Products Different Results

If you use different companies for your different locations to manage your concrete polishing, you can assume that they’ll all use different products. One company might be using a high gloss, the other might be using a matte finish. There might be one location with concrete polishing that uses a diamond pad, while another uses a sealer system.

The differences in how these different materials make concrete floors look can be staggering. If you are part of a franchise, your parent company is going to have a big problem with the inconsistent look of the flooring.

There is a Solution!

Does your franchise span the nation? Good news— ours does, too! The solution to ensuring that your concrete polishing is consistent across the board is to work with Cleaning Services Group. We start by visiting your locations and assessing the condition of your concrete floor. Through the use of special tools, we can determine the moisture level and density of your floors. This helps us know immediately which of our floor care programs will be best for your floors and for your budget.

Our Acid Blocker floor care program is our most popular amongst our clients. It is a concrete polishing system that will keep your floors looking new for years. We forgo the use of a diamond pad; instead, we have a safer, longer lasting program that’s based on an acid blocker product applied with an auto-scrubber. All of your franchise’s floors, regardless of the location, will have a consistent and longer-lasting look.

Polished concrete floors are a smart choice for a variety of reasons. Treat them right, and you’ll enjoy them for years to come. To learn more about our process and how we can reduce your floor maintenance costs, contact CSG today!


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