Your Janitorial Contractor Can Increase Profits and Decrease Expenses. Here’s How.

“I Must Increase Profits.” It’s the daily mantra of many facility managers. You are being tasked to do more with a shrinking budget and rising expenses. It can feel like a constant uphill struggle. You are an integral part of running an efficient building and you are challenged with innovating the energy savings, recycling, asset management and costs of maintaining the facility. But how can you continue to do this with restricted budgets?

Most by analyzing the data and cutting costs wherever they can find an area to scale back, such as janitorial services. But how can you cut back on janitorial services and still maintain your high standards of appearance, safety and asset preservation? Start by talking with your janitorial contractor to see how they can help you increase profits by decreasing expenses.

Increase Profits with Your Janitorial Contractor’s Help

While no company wants to see their customers cutting back on services, your janitorial contractor understands the pressures facility managers face every day. And although they’re not going to do the same amount of work for less money, you can study your facility with them to analyze where you can reduce expenses.

Analyze each cleaning zone and specifications list to see where you can make adjustments to reduce costs, while keeping your building in top condition. For example, look at the areas that accumulate less soil and then reduce the number of days that service is performed; perhaps alternating days instead of daily service.

This chart below is an example of the Scope or Work Frequencies for cleaning services performed at your facility in a one-year time frame. Five days per week service is a total of 260 services per year.

Increase Profits by Adjusting Cleaning Frequencies

The next chart is a partial list of Specifications for an office area. Note the reduction in services. It was determined that dusting horizontal surfaces below 60” could be reduced from 104 services per year (twice per week service), to 52 services per year (once per week service).

Do not automatically slash services without discussing the ramifications. Some services should not be reduced, such as entryway cleaning and most restroom cleaning services.

Cleaning Specifications List

How Can Chemicals, Tools and Equipment Increase Profits?

Your janitorial budget is determined by the time it takes for cleaners to do their job. Using the most up-to-date and efficient tools and equipment will help to improve efficiency, thereby reducing expenses.

These days, professional janitorial service providers should be using chemical dispensing systems, which are proven to save on both chemical use and overall cost. Dispensing systems also prevent employees from using too much chemical, which can create unsafe conditions. For example, too much burnishing chemical on a resilient tile floor can make it slippery, which can cause slip/fall hazards. When a building occupant or visitor takes a tumble on the slippery floor, there are immediate consequences with increased Worker’s Compensation and/or Liability Insurance costs.

Also consider floor cleaning equipment. Is it the right size for the job? Using a walk-behind floor scrubber with a 15” cleaning path on a floor that can support a 26” auto scrubber is an inefficient use of equipment and labor costs. Your janitorial service provider should be matching the job to the right piece of equipment.

Saving on water and energy consumption is another key factor when tightening your cleaning budget. In recent years, equipment manufacturers have taken this into consideration with the use of low water and low energy systems. A company that uses up to date, efficient equipment has found cost savings for their company that can keep your price within budget.

Does Your Cleaning Contractor Have High Staff Turnover?

Unfortunately, it’s not at all unusual for cleaning contractors to have a high staff turnover, which could have negative implications for your company and may significantly affect the price you are paying. As they continuously replace staff, they invest more in recruiting and hiring, which decreases their bottom line. Of course that means their increased costs are passed on to you.

Furthermore, it could result in substandard cleaning being carried out in your facility. Each new staff member needs training and during this time they won’t be as productive as a well-trained, longer term employee. Plus their lack of experience could mean costly mistakes. Ironically, you will be paying more for less; the exact opposite of what you’re trying to achieve. That’s why it’s important that your janitorial contractor invests in their staff and retains them.

Health and Safety Training

Hiring a janitorial cleaning company that places importance on health and safety training is a must. If they cut corners by not fully training their staff, this too could be costing you money.

If your cleaning company is faced with high Worker’s Compensation costs from accidents caused by their cleaners not carrying out their work correctly, these costs will be factored into your cleaning fees. Furthermore, unsafe procedures such as not blocking off or warning customers of wet floors, could cause more accidents in your facility and consequently affect your reputation.

To increase profits for your facility, it is critical that you communicate regularly with your janitorial service provider. Analyzing their services to see what is or isn’t necessary and where time and money can be saved, will help you to reduce expenses. If you are looking for a commercial cleaning company that will work with you to increase profits, give us a call or contact us today!


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