Vinyl floors have always been popular in commercial spaces because of the material’s durability, but today, more and more people are turning to luxury vinyl tile for their buildings’ floor material of choice.

Like other vinyl flooring, LVT is resistant to damage from dents, moisture, and heat, with the added benefits of more realistic textures and colors, mimicking stylish stone or ceramic. LVT is also less permanent than some trendy floor materials like wood or ceramic, so you can easily change it up periodically.

But your LVT floor isn’t going to look good if it isn’t maintained properly. Many commercial properties run into problems with luxury vinyl tile when they neglect to care for it or use the wrong cleaning methods.

For instance, vinyl can be scratched by dirt and debris, stained by spills, or defaced by harsh chemicals if treated wrong. If you want to keep your LVT floor looking its best long-term, turn to the pros at CSG for all of your vinyl floor care and maintenance needs.

How to Clean Vinyl Floors Like a Pro

If you aren’t sure how to clean vinyl floors, it’s best to consult a professional. They can withstand a lot of wear and tear from normal use, but they’re not immune to abuse from the wrong equipment or cleaning technique. You need professional vinyl floor care. The pros at CSG have all the knowledge and equipment necessary for cleaning and protecting your luxury vinyl tile.

LVT takes a beating every day in commercial settings but requires a gentle touch when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Let the CSG vinyl floor care technicians give your LVT floors a little TLC.

We will clean your floors regularly with a hard floor vacuum to prevent scratches and damp-mop them with water and a non-abrasive floor cleaner to pick up additional dirt. Done a few times a week, this gentle cleaning will keep your LVT floor in great condition for many years.

CSG also offers vinyl floor restoration. Over time, the protective coating that makes your LVT floors glossy and durable wears down; it needs to be removed and replaced. We begin by stripping the old coating with an effective stripper solution.

This removes the old coating as well as any grime attached to it. After the old finish is removed, the floor is prepared for a new coating of acrylic floor finish. After applying a few coatings, we buff the floor to give it that beautiful shiny, smooth look.

Every step of the way, we use the correct products, equipment, and techniques to preserve your floor and prevent any damage. Every client gets a customized plan for their vinyl floor care so that all of your commercial national floor care needs are met every time. We look at the type of flooring you have, how much foot traffic each area gets, and the environment, in general, to determine how often your floors need to be cleaned and refinished so we can ensure they always meet your standards.

LVT Floor Care Right Every Time

Luxury vinyl floors make your business look great, but only if they’re cared for properly. When you use CSG’s vinyl floor cleaning services, you never have to worry about the condition of your LVT floors again. We have the equipment and expertise to meet all of your vinyl floor care needs. All of our work is done with an eye for detail and quality and at an affordable rate.

Our goal is to leave each of our clients more than satisfied every time we finish a job. That’s why we follow the CSG process with every new client. During this process, we work with you to identify your needs and the condition of your floors.

We establish a baseline of cleanliness that meets your expectations and then prep our team with training and a detailed plan of how to accomplish the results you want. Every job is supervised with quality control in mind as we work so we never go past schedule or over budget. We finish by cleaning up and checking with you to ensure everything was done right.

CSG stands by our work. If we ever fail to meet a client’s requirements, we go back and correct our work until you are satisfied. That’s the kind of guarantee you’ll get with our vinyl floor cleaning services. If you want professional, quality luxury vinyl floor care done right at the right price, CSG is your only choice. Request a quote today and let us get started helping you get great looking floors.

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