Finding the right time for your commercial cleaning company can be a challenge. Is it better for them to come at night so your employees never experience any interruptions, or is it ideal to have someone there at all times to manage messes as soon as they happen? For some, debating between night and day cleaning is all about budget, or how to limit energy consumption.

There are so many considerations when examining which time of day is the best for a commercial cleaning service to come in and care for your building. What’s the best time for you, so your building is cleaned and your employees are happy?

The Benefits of Daytime Cleaning

There are many benefits to having a cleaning service take care of your facility during the day. One of the main arguments for daytime cleaning? It’s easier to see dirt and grime in the daylight, which results in a deeper clean. Why else should you choose daytime when considering night and day cleaning?

Improved Energy Efficiency: If your cleaning service attends to your building during the day, while the building is occupied, you can save on energy usage. Why? You aren’t lighting your facility or maintaining the temperature at night. Your building is only occupied during regular operating hours, so you aren’t paying to power the building at night

Cleaning at night means that many of the lights in the building have to remain on, and your HVAC system has to stay in operation.  According to BOMA’s Building Energy Efficiency Program, after-hours cleaning accounts for 25% of a building’s lighting usage, which ends up being about 7% of its total energy usage. 

You can reduce your energy consumption simply by not having your cleaning service working after everyone else has gone home. The savings are considerable; you consume between 4 and 8% less energy when you switch to a daytime cleaning service.

Better Response Time: The cleaners arrive onsight very early in the morning before most employees start work so they can minimize interruptions, and then do the kinds of cleaning that are less disruptive when employees are working. For example, your cleaning service will do the vacuuming before the employees get there or some will use low decibel vacuum cleaners to keep the noise level down.

Enhanced Security at Night: When your cleaning service is only there during the day, there are fewer people coming in and out at night, when security is a concern. Nighttime cleaning means there are people in your building around the clock. With daytime cleaning, the building is fully secured at night, with all entry and exit points locked. 

Improved Turnover Rates: While some cleaning technicians prefer to work in the solitude of the night, others may find that the demands of working a night time shift isn’t for them, or that it affects their sleeping patterns too much. There is a proven rate of higher turnover for nighttime shifts, in all industries.

With daytime cleaning, there is less turnover, which means you receive consistent, attentive care from the same cleaning technicians who get to know the specific needs of your building. Lower turnover means a lower commercial cleaning cost for you. Your cleaning service spends less money on training and hiring new staff members, which keeps prices down for you.

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The Benefits of Nighttime Cleaning

Perhaps scheduling your facility’s cleaning service to maintain your building at night is a better option? One main reason many choose nighttime cleaning is that they believe the uninterrupted cleaning can result in a deeper clean.

Why else do some buildings opt for nighttime cleaning services when looking at night and day cleaning?

Fewer Interruptions: While the professionals at a commercial cleaning service are trained to work efficiently without causing a disturbance, some facility managers still find that they prefer their cleaning service to work at night so as not to disrupt those working in the building during the day. 

An after-hours cleaning service means there won’t be a vacuum going while your employees are trying to meet a deadline or hold a conference with clients.  By cleaning offices at night, you avoid these kinds of interruptions. 

Better Health and Safety: Is daytime cleaning worth the savings if one of your building’s tenants is constantly sneezing and wheezing because of the dust that’s being kicked up by your daytime cleaning crew? About 20 million people are allergic to dust mites, so the likelihood that someone in your building won’t appreciate daytime dusting is high. 

Additionally, many commercial cleaning services use high-powered cleaning products to clean and sanitize their facilities. But do you want your building employees to be breathing in these products? And do you want to expose guests to them? 

Cleaning technicians wear personal protective equipment (PPE) like rubber gloves and safety goggles to meet OSHA standards, but other employees and guests in the building do not have these same protective measures. How can you ensure your employees are safe from fumes or splashes if your commercial cleaning service is working during the day? Night shift cleaning or cleaning offices at night means less chemical exposure for your building’s tenants.

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A Third Option

Another option you can consider is day porter services – they can attend to unexpected messes as they happen. There’s no waiting for them to arrive to handle the cleanup. As a result? Your facilities always appear clean for guests and employees. 

Spilled coffee is immediately cleaned up, salty snow or slush isn’t left in the lobby, and trash cans are emptied as soon as they are full. When you have day porter cleaners, they can handle these messes as soon as they happen.

It can be challenging to choose between daytime and nighttime cleaning. Another consideration? Day and night cleaning services, for the best of both worlds. Night and day cleaning means someone is always there to attend to the needs of the building. They are there to support the building during the day, and they are there deep cleaning office buildings at night.

Daytime cleaners are on hand to clean common areas and handle messes throughout the day. Spills are cleaned up immediately, and daytime cleaning technicians handle any special needs or immediate concerns that arise.

After the daytime cleaning staff departs, the nighttime cleaning technicians take over. They provide more detailed, maintenance cleaning. Because messes have already been cleaned during the day, you can downsize the number of people taking care of the nighttime cleaning– saving you money. 

Nighttime is when heavy-duty cleaning can happen: floors can be mopped, loud equipment can be used, and there’s no danger of building occupants tripping on power cords or slipping on a wet floor. 

A blend of day and night cleaning services provides you with a practical solution to balance finances with your building’s constant needs. 

Let us handle your commercial cleaning needs no matter the time of day. Night and day cleaning may be the best option for your building, but whether it’s day or night, we are there to keep your building looking its very best. From Day 1 we create a strong plan of action to ensure your building is cleaned, and your budget is met. Perhaps that’s why Cleaning Services Group works in so many different kinds of industries: because we keep your needs at the forefront.

Let us find the right cleaning schedule for you. Request a quote today.


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