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As a facilities manager, one of the most important things for you is not only to gain new tenants but keep your current tenants happy. You want them to want to stay there as long as possible, hate the idea of leaving and tell their friends about their awesome experience.  One of the main ways you can achieve this is by protecting the health and wellness of your building tenants.  The Indoor Generation About 25 percent of Americans spend most of their day inside. If you think about it, it’s not surprising.  In a digital age where everything is at […]

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As the country plans to slowly reopen following stay-at-home orders and extreme social distancing, many facility managers rightfully have many questions. After all, the COVID-19 virus is still spreading quickly across our cities and towns. The goal of every facility manager is to keep their facility safe, clean and well kept. How is that accomplished during a global pandemic?  Here’s what you need to know about reopening your facility as safely as you can. Develop a Plan for Safe Behavior Practices The CDC recommends that each business and facility come up with their own best practices to keep their building’s […]

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You’re hearing about it on the news, and it’s all over social media. Consumers are buying cases of water, nonperishables and disinfectants after waiting in long lines at the grocery store. Meanwhile, hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes with bleach have been sold out for several weeks. It’s all due to the rapid-fire spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. There’s a lot of coverage and concern thanks to the way this new virus spreads, and while we are unsure how the spread will change and develop, there’s a lot of inaccurate information being shared.  As a facility manager, how can you and […]

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Springtime is just around the corner, so now’s the time to start reviewing pest control tips. While many pests might have been lying dormant all winter long, they will come back and with a vengeance when the weather turns warmer. A good facility manager will work with a licensed pest control company to ensure the building remains a safe and healthy working environment. Take a moment to look at the following pest control tips to make sure your building has a plan to keep unwanted visitors away.  Pest Control Tip #1: Trouble Locations No one wants pests in the entryway […]

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Top New Technologies That Combat The Spread of Germs

Combating the spread of germs is a universal fight. There isn’t a mother on the planet that doesn’t think about making sure her child is in the cleanest environment possible whenever it’s possible to control it. Unfortunately, the world seems to be conspiring to make everyone sick as soon as they walk outside their front door. While it might feel that way, it’s truly not the case; other people are continuously looking to how they can stop the spread of germs. From hospital administrators to school officials to medical and dental offices to business owners, preventing the spread of germs […]

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4 Things To Know About Medical Facility Cleaning from the CDC

Massachusetts is home to the best healthcare facilities in the world, and that means living up to the best quality of care and quality of medical facility cleaning. It’s always our goal to achieve high scores on cleanliness, sanitation and disinfectant standards. At the surface, no pun intended, this is no simple task. With over 25 years of experience, CSG has exceeded industry standards due to thorough cleaning processes, using the latest advances in cleaning technologies, adhering to safety and health-conscious green cleaning practices and putting together a maintenance schedule that is proven to help you pass audits consistently.  Medical […]

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How To Prevent Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAI)

Hospital-acquired infections, or HAIs, are a significant threat to patient safety. While they require minimal effort to prevent, many cleaning services aren’t taking the required steps to stop HAIs in their tracks. Is your cleaning service doing everything it can to prevent these dangerous infections? What is a Hospital-Acquired Infection (HAI)? Hospital-Acquired Infections often occur in patients who require the use of devices like central lines or catheters. They can also develop at surgical sites. A study published by the American Medical Association found that HAIs result in $9.8 billion dollars a year in medical costs, contributing substantially to the […]

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Post-Flood Office Building Cleaning

After the recent devastating hurricanes dumped many inches of water in Texas and Florida, thousands of businesses are faced with the prospect of post-flood office building cleaning. Where do they begin? How do you clean your building after it has been ravaged by floodwaters? Here are some tips to facilitate any business’s post-flood office building cleaning. Tip #1: Take Precaution Before Undertaking Post-Flood Office Building Cleaning If your building has been completely submerged or if it’s had rushing water running through it, it’s possible that the building’s structural integrity could be compromised.  If you fear that the building’s been damaged, […]

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medical office cleaning

Cleaning an ordinary office is important if only to ensure that the office is a pleasant place to be, but medical office cleaning goes way beyond appearance. If your medical office isn’t properly cleaned, it can harbor potentially dangerous germs that could result in patients getting sicker than they were before they entered your facility. Rather than entrusting your medical office cleaning to a general janitorial service, consider hiring professional cleaners that are specially trained to clean medical offices. Here are just a few reasons why it’s important to leave medical office cleaning to a specialty cleaning service. 1. Specialty Cleaners are […]

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Keep your office healthy by sanitizing surfaces

It might seem counterintuitive to learn ways to keep your office healthy as the spring flowers begin to bud, but the cold and flu season continues to linger, which means that there’s still a good chance you could get very sick if you’re not vigilant. Sure, you have a janitorial service that visits regularly, but they’re not on hand 24/7. How do you keep yourself in good health even when those around you are hacking and sneezing? Here are some simple tips to keep your office healthy and stay healthy yourself. Use Sanitizing Wipes to Keep Your Office Healthy Invest […]

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