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Cleaning for Health

carbon footprint

Reducing your building’s carbon footprint might not be a priority of yours, but perhaps it should be. The term “carbon footprint” refers to the amount of carbon dioxide and methane emissions from a certain population, system, or activity. Your building’s carbon footprint is evidenced not only in the construction of the building but in the habits of the people who work there. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should consider reducing your building’s carbon footprint, and some actions you can take to do so. Why Reduce Your Building’s Carbon Footprint? Save Money in the Present—When you reduce […]

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Is poor office cleaning making you sick?

Cold and flu season is here, and it’s more than just an inconvenience for workplaces across the country. A combination of poor hand hygiene and ineffective office cleaning can create a crisis in any office setting. Employees come to the office even though they’re sick and people carrying germs visit the office; sickness might feel like it’s unavoidable for the average American worker. Additionally, children bring home germs from school, spreading sickness to the entire family, including the adults who then take the germs to work with them. It’s estimated that lost productive time in the U.S. alone will cost […]

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Prevent flu in schools

The season for the spread of flu in schools is upon us, and students and staff members at schools across the country are at a high risk for infection. Many children are less than diligent about their hygiene, and their classmates and teachers will pay the price. And, don’t forget that they will bring the germs home with them, affecting their families and friends as well. An outbreak at a school will have repercussions throughout the community. However, a cleaning company can help you hold the germs at bay with a thorough and professional cleaning and disinfection of the entire […]

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Janitorial Services - Hard Surface Cleaning

You place a premium on maintaining a clean facility, so you hire janitorial contractor. But have you considered your motivation for hiring a crew to conduct a thorough and professional cleaning of your facility? Are you more concerned about the appearance of your building, or is cleaning for health and sanitation your number one motivator? Cleaning for Health vs Appearance For many, cleaning is simply a commodity, not an investment into the health of the occupants and the visitors to the building. If they feel that the building’s appearance won’t suffer, they may slash the frequency of service in order to […]

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