Is Your Commercial Cleaning Service Delivering What They Promised?

High Employee Turnover

Your janitorial service is cleaning your office, and you notice that there are new cleaners. Again. Employee turnover is starting to be a pattern, but it’s the janitorial service’s problem, not yours. It doesn’t REALLY affect you, does it? Actually, it does. You might be surprised to learn that your janitorial service’s high turnover is a serious issue for your business as well as theirs. How? Let’s look at the many different ways that your janitorial service’s employee turnover will affect your business’s bottom line. High Employee Turnover Costs You Cash That might seem crazy; after all, you’re not the […]

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Customer Service by Proactive Cleaning Companies

Addressing customer complaints as soon as they arise is important for all businesses—good customer service is all about responding to customers in a timely fashion, right? While a business should ensure that their customers are happy with their product or service, it shouldn’t have to happen after the customers have complained. A proactive approach to customer service by your cleaning company can reduce or eliminate those uncomfortable (and sometimes downright unpleasant) complaint calls you have to make. It’s about anticipating your needs and meeting them, ensuring that you, the customer, are satisfied with the service you receive. Proactive Customer Service vs. […]

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