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Is your commercial cleaning company costing you business? In the same way that we always need to be “on” at work, your facility should always look its best too—or you may end up with costly consequences and lost opportunities. In the short-term, saving money by hiring inexperienced or subpar cleaning companies may seem like a smart move. But over time, you may discover that these unqualified janitorial services may do your facility more harm than good. If you’re not careful, improper cleaning can result in your facility losing rental income. Tenants may flee, leaving your space open for months with […]

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As a facilities manager, one of the most important things for you is not only to gain new tenants but keep your current tenants happy. You want them to want to stay there as long as possible, hate the idea of leaving and tell their friends about their awesome experience.  One of the main ways you can achieve this is by protecting the health and wellness of your building tenants.  The Indoor Generation About 25 percent of Americans spend most of their day inside. If you think about it, it’s not surprising.  In a digital age where everything is at […]

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As the country plans to slowly reopen following stay-at-home orders and extreme social distancing, many facility managers rightfully have many questions. After all, the COVID-19 virus is still spreading quickly across our cities and towns. The goal of every facility manager is to keep their facility safe, clean and well kept. How is that accomplished during a global pandemic?  Here’s what you need to know about reopening your facility as safely as you can. Develop a Plan for Safe Behavior Practices The CDC recommends that each business and facility come up with their own best practices to keep their building’s […]

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In these uncertain times, do you know all the steps you should be taking to protect your building from an outbreak? The COVID-19 global pandemic not only has disrupted the way we do business, but it also seems like new recommendations pop up almost hourly to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, and chances are your facilities have been affected by these recommendations. How can you keep up with all of it?  As a facilities manager, there is always a long list of logistics to contend with, but right now, it seems like that list is a mile long. […]

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What kind of experience do you give your tenants? As a commercial building manager or owner, it’s your responsibility to not only rent space to your tenants but also ensure they have a pleasant experience. They depend on you to maintain an appealing image and level of comfort that makes their occupancy worthwhile.  At the same time, you have the responsibility to balance your tenants’ comfort with the cost of proper building management. Commercial building upkeep and amenities cost money. The purpose of renting space to building occupants is to make a profit, after all.  Luckily, perks for your tenants […]

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Facility Inspection Check & Checklist | Cleaning Services Group, Inc.

What is the condition of your facility? Is this something you check regularly? If not, it’s time to start.  Workplace safety and the comfort of your employees are essential to smooth operations and government compliance. If you are not performing regular facility inspections, you could be ignoring workplace hazards that put your employees at risk and violate OSHA regulations.  The best way to monitor your work environment is to perform regular maintenance inspections with the help of a facility inspection checklist. It’s a big job overseeing the care and condition of a building, but doing it the right way makes […]

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2020 Facility Management Technology Trends | Cleaning Services Group, Inc.

Building and facility management is an ever-evolving field. With each passing year, improved technology has a huge impact on how businesses are run and how facilities are managed.  As with any other industry, advances in technology have the power to make our lives easier in the field of facilities management. When used correctly, facilities management technology can be used to maintain a safe, efficient and cost-effective building.  But technology changes more often than the weather, so how do you keep up?  When it comes to technology to run and monitor your building, there’s always something newer and more exciting in […]

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Commercial & Janitorial Cleaning Insurance

As a facility manager, hiring outside companies to do work such as major repairs, plumbing and even janitorial services is commonplace—really just a part of the job. But have you ever stopped and thought about the amount of liability involved in hiring these services?  As a facilities manager, you are in charge of many high-liability areas, more than the average manager. It is highly important that the services you hire, such as janitorial services, have insurance.  What exactly is commercial cleaning insurance or janitorial insurance, and why is it important? That’s exactly what we will cover for you in today’s […]

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HVAC Check - Commercial Building HVAC System Cleaning | Cleaning Services Group, Inc.

Having a building that stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter – keeping your employees and clients comfortable year-round, is something you may take for granted.  Understanding your commercial building’s HVAC system is an important detail for many reasons, not the least of which is keeping the system humming along so you aren’t stuck baking in the summer when something goes wrong, costing time and money. Today, we’ll explain some details about commercial building HVAC systems, how they work, what to expect for maintenance and more.  What is a Commercial HVAC System And How Does It Work? […]

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What Can Facility Managers Do To Cut Costs Without Cutting Quality? | Cleaning Services Group

Managing a facility, while it may include many unexpected “hats” to be worn (project manager, emergency preparedness expert, civil engineer, customer service manager, environmental impact guru, and financial strategist) does have some expected costs. Repairs, routine maintenance, cleaning, and replacement of furnishings as needed are all a part of building ownership and management.  While there are expectations for “routine” expenses, when it comes to tightening the budget belt, facilities management is the first to feel the pressure. So, the question remains, if and when budget cuts trickle in your direction, what can you do to assure that your facility continues […]

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