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Floor Care

floor maintenance

When you think of cleaning and maintenance for your commercial building, do you factor in floor maintenance? One of the best things you can do to prolong the life of the floors in your building is to design a plan with your cleaning company that will determine how and when preventative floor maintenance will occur in addition to regular cleaning.

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Winter is tough on floors. No one wants to be thought of as the sloppy business who drops the ball once the big snowfall hits. After all, perception = reality. That’s why one way businesses can plan to win big at hard floor care in 2018 is to start from the bottom up, with a proven game-winning strategy behind them. There is better way of keeping your floors looking fantastic, no matter which season the big bosses or auditors visit.  “You did a fantastic job managing the madness that comes with remodeling this many stores at one time. I am sure […]

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Many facilities choose concrete, so consistently good concrete polishing is an issue they face. Concrete flooring will hold up to heavy foot traffic much better than other flooring options, such as carpet or vinyl flooring. Over time, choosing concrete can save you money because you don’t have to replace concrete flooring as often as you would carpet or other types of floors. However, if your floors are going to stand the test of time and still look presentable, you need to find a cleaning company who understands the importance of properly polishing concrete. Unfortunately, some commercial facilities with concrete floors […]

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Is ice melt wreaking havoc on your floors?

Does the sight of new-fallen snow leave you cold as you imagine the state of your office floors once people start to track it (and the ice melt on top of it) onto your flooring? Do you despise the mess that winter creates in the lobby of your business, as visitors bring snow, slush, and—worst of all—salt from the bottoms of their shoes? Of course, everyone wants to make their sidewalks and parking lots as safe as possible for their employees and visitors. Ice melt products such as rock salt have been proven to be the most economical and most […]

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Grocery store cleanliness from your customers' perspective

You’ve probably shopped in a grocery store where the level of cleanliness left much to be desired; the floors were dirty, the shelves disheveled, and the bathroom unspeakable. Your eyes are wide open when you enter a store as a shopper, but are you able to see the flaws in your own establishment? Take a moment and look at your grocery store cleanliness from your customers’ perspective. How would you rate your store? “No way,” you might be thinking.  “Our store is clean!” However, when you work at a store, it’s easy to overlook things that are very evident to someone […]

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floor cleaning

Floor care in a commercial building can be a huge job, and the impact of a properly maintained floor can’t be underestimated. A dirty, dilapidated floor leaves visitors to your building with a negative impression that will be hard to dispel. Fortunately, preserving the integrity of your flooring is easier than ever before; the technology used in floor care is advancing in response to innovations in the manufacturing of flooring and floor care equipment. Importance of Floor Care Maintenance Building owners and property managers today are focused on their budgets. Costs are high, tenant fees low, and many buildings have too much empty […]

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