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Day vs. Night Cleaning | Cleaning Services Group, Inc.

Finding the right time for your commercial cleaning company can be a challenge. Is it better for them to come at night so your employees never experience any interruptions, or is it ideal to have someone there at all times to manage messes as soon as they happen? For some, debating between night and day cleaning is all about budget, or how to limit energy consumption. There are so many considerations when examining which time of day is the best for a commercial cleaning service to come in and care for your building. What’s the best time for you, so […]

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Janitorial Mopping and Cleaning | Cleaning Services Group, Inc.

It’s a given that your facility needs to be cleaned regularly, but you might be wondering who should do it.  You have two options: hire employees to clean, or outsource the cleaning to a commercial cleaning company.  There are many factors to consider before you make a final decision, but generally, outsourcing cleaning services is more beneficial to you and your company. Hiring professional cleaning services gives you better results, saves money and is more convenient.  Not convinced? Here are six specific reasons why hiring commercial cleaning services is better than employing your own cleaning staff.  1. You Save Money […]

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natural disaster cleanup

Natural disasters do not occur in just one part of the country, and they can happen all year round. While we cannot prevent natural disasters from happening in our communities, we can make sure that we are as prepared as possible to deal with them before, during, and after their occurrence. One of the most important steps is to have a plan in place for how you will deal with natural disaster cleanup. If you own a commercial building, you will want to get back to working order as quickly as possible. In order for that to happen, you need […]

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Team cleaning

Choosing the right cleaning service for you involves making a lot of decisions, but one of the most pressing is deciding which is the most efficient method for your customer’s building: team cleaning or zone cleaning? You might be asking yourself, “What’s the difference? I don’t care so long as it gets done!” However, each technique comes with its own advantages and challenges, so it’s smart to have a clear understanding of both before you decide to go with team cleaning or zone cleaning. What’s Team Cleaning? As we examine the pros and cons of team cleaning or zone cleaning, let’s […]

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cleaning company

Are you thinking that it’s time to hire a new cleaning company? Maybe your current cleaners aren’t getting the job done as well as they used to, or perhaps their prices have skyrocketed but their service doesn’t merit the increased cost. If you’re still on the fence, here are five reasons why it’s time to hire a new cleaning company. Reason #1: Inconsistent Service When you walk into the building after your current cleaning service has finished their work, do you know exactly what you’ll find? Or do you hold your breath, hoping that the tasks are completed properly? If […]

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security concerns

When you start the search for a company that will handle the day-to-day cleaning of your building, security concerns might not even cross your mind. After all, if you hire professionals, they’ll have protocols in place to keep your building and everything within it safe, right? Not necessarily. A janitorial service has access to just about every nook and cranny of your building, and they often work after traditional work hours when there’s no one around.  Before you decide to sign with a service, do a little vetting to determine their commitment to security. You should hold your cleaning service to […]

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retail cleaning services

It’s easy to tell when retail stores hire professional cleaning companies. Their restrooms are cleaner, their windows are shinier, their floors are free from debris and dirt, and their shoppers are happier. But wait… can’t this be accomplished by the store’s employees after hours? If everyone pitched in and helped, it would be done in no time, right? Surely your staff can create a clean and hygienic shopping environment for your customers? In a word, no. Read on to learn exactly why retail stores hire professional cleaning companies to get their shopping spaces into tiptop shape. Cleaning Companies are Trained […]

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Construction Cleaning: The Importance of Professional Cleaning During or After Construction

Construction cleaning is rarely foremost when anyone considers undertaking a remodel or moving out. Instead, when people think about remodeling their workspace or moving to a more spacious office, they usually think about the effort that the renovation takes or the stress of moving everything from one place to the other. Then, you get to enjoy the fabulous new space, right? Hold on. You’ve missed a step. What about the process of cleaning up the incredible mess that’s left behind when the construction crew clears out? Here are some of the benefit of engaging professionals to assist with construction cleanup, […]

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Dilution control systems

Dilution control systems have become increasingly popular among discerning cleaning services.  Not only do they help cleaners ensure that their potentially harmful cleaning chemicals are mixed properly, but they can result in financial savings, which are passed on to you, the customer. Read on for more of the benefits of using dilution control systems in your facility. Dilution Control Systems Encourage Safety Before dilution control systems came on the scene, mixing the chemicals used to clean facilities was a dangerous task. The “glug-glug” method of measuring involved pouring into a measuring cup and hoping you come close to the mark; or making […]

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Your janitorial company should do regular inspections

As far as you know, your janitorial company hasn’t ever conducted regular inspections, and they don’t seem to have any plans to start them. However, you’ve noticed that there are a couple of issues that consistently arise, and aren’t ever addressed.  If your janitorial company isn’t conducting regular inspections, it’s unlikely that they’ll get to the bottom of the issue themselves, so you’re forced to point it out to them. Again. They didn’t realize that you’d been unhappy with your service, and now they’re searching for answers. What went wrong? If your janitorial company isn’t conducting regular inspections, it’s unlikely that they’ll […]

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