Is Your Commercial Cleaning Service Delivering What They Promised?

Janitorial Service Pricing

What’s the deal with janitorial service pricing? You get it; you know that a janitorial service can really enhance your office building. It will not just keep your space cleaner, but a good janitorial service will also keep you and your employees healthier through careful cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing. But how do you know that the price they quote is fair to you, the customer? Let’s look at the factors that go into janitorial service pricing so that you’ll fully understand why your service charges a certain amount for their work. Janitorial Service Pricing Variables There are a number of […]

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You don't have to pay high prices for office cleaning when you have high standards

It’s time to hire a new commercial cleaning service for your office cleaning, but you’re tired of paying top dollar for cleaning that doesn’t meet your high standards. How do you know you’ll get the most bang for your buck—a cleaning service that meets your standards, but won’t break your bank? Say, for example, you’re presented with proposals from three different commercial office cleaning services, and you decide to go with the one that has the lowest price. Chances are good that you’re going to be disappointed with the level of service they provide. (After all, you get what you pay […]

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Is your cleaning service costing you money?

Commercial property owners and building managers face a unique dilemma. It’s critical that they keep their facilities clean, but they also need to be budget conscious. Searching for a new commercial cleaning company is actually a lot of work. Between researching potential service providers, completing walk-throughs, obtaining proposals, choosing a new provider and severing ties with the old company, you may not have enough time to deal with other vital business matters. In the end, many managers end up caught between the need for change and the comfy stability of their current cleaning service. In reality, however, your complacency about […]

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