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Medical and Healthcare Cleaning

Hospital Cleaning

Keeping a hospital running smoothly is a hard job, but that job is made exponentially more difficult if you’re faced with low-quality hospital cleaning. Unfortunately, maintaining a high standard of cleanliness is a struggle for some hospitals to achieve, particularly if they’re experiencing budget challenges.  Hospital cleaning contractors and employees are consistently asked to do more hospital cleaning with less manpower, less cleaning equipment and product, and less time. What are the problems that hospitals combat when they face low-quality hospital cleaning? Read on for more information. Hospital Acquired Infections on the Rise In North America in particular, low-quality hospital […]

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4 Things To Know About Medical Facility Cleaning from the CDC

Massachusetts is home to the best healthcare facilities in the world, and that means living up to the best quality of care and quality of medical facility cleaning. It’s always our goal to achieve high scores on cleanliness, sanitation and disinfectant standards. At the surface, no pun intended, this is no simple task. With over 25 years of experience, CSG has exceeded industry standards due to thorough cleaning processes, using the latest advances in cleaning technologies, adhering to safety and health-conscious green cleaning practices and putting together a maintenance schedule that is proven to help you pass audits consistently.  Medical […]

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How To Prevent Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAI)

Hospital-acquired infections, or HAIs, are a significant threat to patient safety. While they require minimal effort to prevent, many cleaning services aren’t taking the required steps to stop HAIs in their tracks. Is your cleaning service doing everything it can to prevent these dangerous infections? What is a Hospital-Acquired Infection (HAI)? Hospital-Acquired Infections often occur in patients who require the use of devices like central lines or catheters. They can also develop at surgical sites. A study published by the American Medical Association found that HAIs result in $9.8 billion dollars a year in medical costs, contributing substantially to the […]

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medical office cleaning

Cleaning an ordinary office is important if only to ensure that the office is a pleasant place to be, but medical office cleaning goes way beyond appearance. If your medical office isn’t properly cleaned, it can harbor potentially dangerous germs that could result in patients getting sicker than they were before they entered your facility. Rather than entrusting your medical office cleaning to a general janitorial service, consider hiring professional cleaners that are specially trained to clean medical offices. Here are just a few reasons why it’s important to leave medical office cleaning to a specialty cleaning service. 1. Specialty Cleaners are […]

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Does your facility have healthcare facility cleanliness challenges?

Proper healthcare facility cleaning is absolutely vital in today’s world. The concern about HAI’s (Healthcare Associated Infections) is higher than ever, which has cause healthcare facility cleanliness to come under fire. You can’t hire just any cleaning company; you must choose a company that understands that cleaning a medical facility goes beyond appearances. Their employees must be properly trained in medical cleaning and their training must include bloodborne pathogens, hand hygiene, cross-contamination, and HIPAA laws. In the general sector, “cleaning for appearance” is often considered more important than “cleaning for health” due to budgetary constraints. With medical cleaning, the staff […]

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