Is Your Commercial Cleaning Service Delivering What They Promised?

health code violation

Health code violations are a terrifying boogeyman for any business working with food. Unfortunately, sometimes that nightmare becomes a reality. If your business is slapped with a health code violation during a routine inspection, don’t panic. Keeping a cool head and taking quick action can minimize the damage inflicted by a health code violation and get your business set for complete recovery. Don’t Treat the Inspector Like an Enemy Remember, the health code inspector isn’t working against you, eager to close your business for good. Instead, they’re working to keep the people in your community safe from potentially dangerous infractions […]

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Restaurant Cleaning Service

There’s nothing more off-putting to customers than walking into a dirty restaurant. If the first thing they see when they walk into your establishment is a filthy floor, tables strewn with debris, and unkempt staff, it’s unlikely that they’ll want to eat there. A recent poll of consumers found that a dirty floor alone could make 68% of patrons leave the premises immediately, and never come back. The immediately visible parts of the restaurant are grimy, so it’s natural to assume that the kitchen and bathrooms look even worse. In the age of Yelp reviews, it can be damaging to […]

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