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School Cleaning

Prevent flu in schools

The season for the spread of flu in schools is upon us, and students and staff members at schools across the country are at a high risk for infection. Many children are less than diligent about their hygiene, and their classmates and teachers will pay the price. And, don’t forget that they will bring the germs home with them, affecting their families and friends as well. An outbreak at a school will have repercussions throughout the community. However, a cleaning company can help you hold the germs at bay with a thorough and professional cleaning and disinfection of the entire […]

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Green Cleaning in Schools

How Green Cleaning Makes Academia Better In a world where going green is increasingly important, it’s vital not to overlook the small details. Cleaning services that provide environmentally-friendly options are on the rise, and in facilities like schools, they’re creating huge positive changes. Here are some of the reasons why as well as a few tips on how to adopt a green cleaning program that enriches your academic environment. What Is Green Cleaning? Cleaning products serve a number of roles. Most people know they get rid of visible dirt and debris, but they also help disinfect areas that might otherwise […]

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