Is Your Commercial Cleaning Service Delivering What They Promised?


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Strong Management and Leadership Prevent High Employee Turnover

High employee turnover is a problem in many industries, but the cleaning industry is notorious for losing employees in record numbers. It might feel like you’re doomed to a revolving door of cleaners coming in and out of your facility, with each visit bringing a new face, but if your cleaning company places an emphasis on strong management and leadership, high employee turnover becomes a thing of the past. What Creates High Employee Turnover?  Even if an employee says they are leaving because they found a higher paying job, it’s very likely that management played a big part in their […]

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Three New Ways Businesses Should Think About Sustainability

Sustainability impacts three things: social perception, environmental impact, and potential economic buoyancy. Without one of these three factors, a company cannot achieve a truly sustainable culture. More than ever, 2018 is a year businesses are seeking out creative opportunities to become more self-sufficient, reaping benefits of cost-cutting, eco-friendliness and higher customer satisfaction. We’ve reviewed the countless questions businesses have when tackling sustainability and realized many of them stem from the following three ideas.    How Economic Volatility and Sustainability Are Now Part of the Same Conversation How might long-term global sustainability could positively and negatively impact your business? For example, […]

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Is your cleaning service costing you money?

Commercial property owners and building managers face a unique dilemma. It’s critical that they keep their facilities clean, but they also need to be budget conscious. Searching for a new commercial cleaning company is actually a lot of work. Between researching potential service providers, completing walk-throughs, obtaining proposals, choosing a new provider and severing ties with the old company, you may not have enough time to deal with other vital business matters. In the end, many managers end up caught between the need for change and the comfy stability of their current cleaning service. In reality, however, your complacency about […]

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Increase Profit by Decreasing Expenses

  “I Must Increase Profits.” It’s the daily mantra of many facility managers. You are being tasked to do more with a shrinking budget and rising expenses. It can feel like a constant uphill struggle. You are an integral part of running an efficient building and you are challenged with innovating the energy savings, recycling, asset management and costs of maintaining the facility. But how can you continue to do this with restricted budgets? Most by analyzing the data and cutting costs wherever they can find an area to scale back, such as janitorial services. But how can you cut back on janitorial […]

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Janitorial Cleaning Audits

As a building owner or property manager, it’s in your best interest to do your own janitorial cleaning audits in your facility. But it can be challenging to be objective about the process because most cleaning audits are subjective. This means that one person may find the dusting satisfactory while another may not. But it is in your best interest to assess whether your janitorial service provider is meeting or exceeding the specifications in the maintenance agreement, and to make sure you and the janitorial management are on the same page with the expected results. Identify the Goals of the […]

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