When you think of cleaning and maintenance for your commercial building, do you factor in floor maintenance? One of the best things you can do to prolong the life of the floors in your building is to design a plan with your cleaning company that will determine how and when preventative floor maintenance will occur in addition to regular cleaning.

Replacing flooring is a huge expense for your business, even if you manage to get away with a partial replacement. In areas of high traffic, in particular, preventative maintenance can save you significant money in the long run. This will keep costs down and improve your bottom line.

Resilient VCT Tile Flooring Maintenance

Regular cleanings of this type of tile are important, but a proper floor maintenance plan will keep this tile looking good for years to come. On a routine basis, your cleaning team should machine scrub the flooring with a properly diluted solution, then thoroughly rinse it.

When the tile is dry, they can do a “spray buff” to return the original gloss to the tile. If there are fewer than three to five coats of polish left on the tiles, an additional layer of finish can be added after the machine cleaning. Another option is to do a “clean and burnish”, using a burnishing chemical to bring back the gloss after cleaning.

floor maintenance

Ceramic Tile Flooring Maintenance

Ceramic tile flooring is fairly easy to clean, but the grout definitely requires a maintenance plan. Even with regular cleanings, grout can begin to look dirty and dingy.

The frequency with which you’ll need to get your grout cleaned will be dependent on how much traffic your floor sees on a day-to-day basis. It’s a good idea to check with the manufacturer of your ceramic flooring to see what kind of grout cleaner they recommend.

Concrete Flooring Maintenance

Simple daily mopping is essential in the care of concrete floor, especially if your concrete floor is polished or in a high traffic area. However, concrete flooring requires a regularly-scheduled deep cleaning to keep it functioning and attractive for your commercial building.

Professional cleaners use equipment to clean deep and then dry quickly. As with VCT tile, sealant can be reapplied after a machine scrub to keep your floor healthier, longer.

Rubber Flooring Maintenance

Rubber flooring, like the kind you’d see in the gym or kids’ play areas, is easy to clean on a daily basis. Just a sweep or vacuum and a quick mop, and it will look great again. Using a wet-dry vacuum to suck up excess water is always a good idea.

When you do need to do a deeper clean on rubber flooring, a floor stripper will be needed to get really dug-in dirt and debris. This will likely remove the finish of the rubber flooring, so after the stripper is removed, the floors will need a regular clean and then refinishing.

Stone Flooring Maintenance

There are quite a few types of stone flooring.

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Travertine
  • Slate

That is just a short list of the stone you might have in your commercial building. Each of these types of flooring has a different type of routine maintenance that needs to be done. For example, marble floor maintenance needs to be done every 6-10 months depending on the traffic on the floor. A surface treatment on marble floor is key to continue their beauty as they are so porous, they are easily stained by spills and dirt.

CSG and Floor Maintenance

Most businesses will hire a commercial cleaning company to come in and clean their offices or buildings from top to bottom. It is vital to the longevity of your flooring that you discover whether or not your commercial cleaning company offers routine floor maintenance — after all, not all commercial cleaning companies offer floor maintenance services.

CSG is a full-service commercial cleaning company. We offer floor maintenance on practically every type of commercial flooring out there. We will work with you to understand which areas are high traffic, allowing us to pay special attention to those areas of the floors during the routine maintenance. Our supervisors and managers can offer advice on how often you will need the floor maintenance in order to prolong the life of your floors.

CSG is highly experienced in a wide variety of industries, including retail and grocery stores, medical offices, office buildings, educational buildings, and municipalities. No matter the industry you are in, we have the know-how to help you create a plan for your flooring maintenance.

Our cleaning crews use our equipment, so you never have downtime on your cleanings or miss a preventative maintenance cleaning on your flooring due to equipment failure. We have mechanics that are always on call to fix issues.

Call our customer service today to discuss your cleaning needs and receive your complimentary consultation and quote.


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