You’ve probably shopped in a grocery store where the level of cleanliness left much to be desired; the floors were dirty, the shelves disheveled, and the bathroom unspeakable. Your eyes are wide open when you enter a store as a shopper, but are you able to see the flaws in your own establishment? Take a moment and look at your grocery store cleanliness from your customers’ perspective. How would you rate your store?

“No way,” you might be thinking.  “Our store is clean!” However, when you work at a store, it’s easy to overlook things that are very evident to someone who doesn’t spend every day in the space. A customer is more likely to notice, say, an overflowing trash can in the entryway than a worker who passes that trash can many times a day.

Grocery Store Cleanliness: Key Areas Your Customers Notice


The store’s entryway is the place where your patrons make their first impression about your grocery store cleanliness. An ill-kept entryway is going to make them think twice before they visit your store again. A professional cleaning service makes sure that your entryways are gleaming, with trash cans emptied, windows and door frames wiped free of soil and fingerprints, and cobwebs removed. The floor mats and floors are free of debris and thoroughly cleaned , ensuring that they’re safe as well as attractive.


Another area that is easily neglected is the flooring. Dirty tile and grout, wax build-up, scuffs, and loose sand and dirt are certainly not appealing to customers.  Professional cleaners are skilled at creating floor maintenance programs that keep your floors in top shape, ensuring that your flooring will remain attractive for as long as possible. And it’s not just a way to provide customers with a pleasant shopping experience, but it’s also a money saving measure. Daily floor maintenance programs can prolong the need for restorative services.


Often, grocery store cleanliness stops entirely, just outside the restroom doors. Most employees are willing to pick up around the store to keep it looking neat, but have no desire to do any cleaning, let alone restroom cleaning! And rightly so; this job is better left to the professionals. But a store that has an unappealing bathroom might find that shoppers are deterred from visiting again.

Some of the things to be attended to in the restrooms include:

  • keeping the supplies full (toilet paper, hand towels and soap)
  • keeping the sinks and countertops free of water and soap buildup
  • clean toilets that have been flushed
  • keeping ceiling vents, partitions and fixtures free from dust
  • keeping the floor clean and dry

Another point to consider is the odor—does it smell clean and fresh?  Cleaning professionals will maintain your bathroom to the highest level of hygiene as well as cleanliness.

When you have a busy store with public restrooms, you may need to have a day cleaner check the restrooms throughout the day, to spot clean as needed and to fill the supplies. This person can also make sure the front entryway is maintained and floors spot checked for soil and spills.

Other Considerations

Of course, the areas we mentioned above aren’t the only places that you should check to be sure that your grocery store cleanliness is top notch. In order to keep your entire store clean, enlist store employees to keep their work areas clean throughout the day.

Employees working in the meat and deli departments should clean the glass cases and countertops regularly. Cashiers should clean and pick up around the checkout counters during slow periods, as should the customer service area employees.  Baggers should keep the carts free of debris and make sure they’re put away neatly.

Tidiness is a major part of your customers’ perception of cleanliness; if your employees are seen actively cleaning throughout the store, your customers will come away with the feeling that they take pride in the store’s appearance.

Another point that’s frequently overlooked is the store’s light fixtures. A burned out light bulb can leave customers feeling that the store is neglected; and dark areas can give the perception that the area isn’t clean. Many cleaning companies offer light bulb replacement services, so keep that in mind if you need someone who can keep tabs on your lighting.

Grocery store cleanliness is something that’s easily maintained, with participation from your employees and help from a professional cleaning service. And the best part is that it will leave your customers with a very positive impression, ensuring that they’ll shop at your store for years to come.

CSG specializes in floor care and grocery store cleanliness. We create a custom cleaning program for your grocery store so you have confidence that your customers will return time and time again. Contact us to learn more.


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