Resilient VCT Tile Care

Your VCT tile floors take a beating every day. After all, that’s what they’re meant to do.

VCT, or vinyl composition tile, is ideal for commercial floors with lots of traffic, thanks to its durability and ability to hold its original shape no matter how much impact or traffic it incurs. But that doesn’t mean your tiles are entirely indestructible.

VCT floors require protection. These floors need regular care and a strong, well-maintained topcoat finish that shields the tile from wear and tear. This top layer is called polyacrylate floor finish, and while it creates a “renewable, repairable, restorable wear layer” that keeps VCT flooring looking shiny and clean, your floors still require recurring VCT floor cleaning services to protect this layer and keep your floors in great shape.

If your VCT tile floors are looking a little worse for wear these days, let our experienced floor technicians at Cleaning Services Group work their magic on them.

We’ve been recognized national floor care experts for over 25 years and have the experience, equipment and commitment to excellence to get your VCT tile floors looking like new and ready to welcome guests all over again.

The CSG Touch for Your VCT Tile Floors

Cleaning VCT tile floor in a commercial space requires learned expertise and great attention to detail. Despite their durability, VCT tiles still suffer from wear and tear over time. This wear can make the wrong impression for your customers and clients.

A well-maintained floor is more than just an investment in your facility; your reputation is on the line too.

If your floors need some professional TLC, Cleaning Services Group can turn back the clock and clean and repair worn-out VCT flooring with our expert national floor care services. Our team is trained to properly perform all the methods necessary to revitalize a VCT tile floor no matter what condition we find it in. Our equipment and processes can take care of any scuffs, scratches and stains. When we’re done, you’ll have a shiny, smooth floor to show off again.

Based on the state of your floors, we offer the following services for resilient materials:

  • Polishing: Our floor machine and soft pads will lift light soil and give your floor its shine back.
  • Spray buffing: For removing more set-in soil, scuff marks and light scratches, we use a spray buffing solution with our floor machine to erase imperfections and restore your floor’s shine.
  • Scrubbing: We use a slow-speed machine and floor pad with a solution to remove the topcoat or two of finish from your floor along with soil, scuff marks and deeper scratches. This is followed by a new coat of finish.
  • Burnishing: Burnishing helps extend the lifetime of your floors between scrubbing and stripping services. This process requires mopping on a restoration chemical before polishing with a high-speed floor machine and pads to renew your floor’s glossy finish.
  • Stripping and waxing: For the most complete floor restoration, we use a powerful floor stripper solution and our most aggressive pad or brush with the floor machine to remove all the existing finish and sealer. After a good rinse, a new VCT floor finish is applied. This is reserved for the most beat-up of VCT floors and is typically not required often.

Leave Your VCT Tile Floor Care to the Pros

Resilient floor materials like VCT tiles are popular for their durability, resistance to staining, easy maintenance and affordability. However, that doesn’t mean they’re completely foolproof.

While regular cleanings are simple enough with standard vacuuming and mopping practices, waxing and restoration treatments to keep floors in their best shape are better left to the professionals. When placed in unqualified hands, VCT tile floors can be damaged beyond repair, which can result in a big expense for you—the need to have your floors replaced.

All too often, a business’s employees or janitor services will take it upon themselves to wax and polish VCT tiles, with problematic results. Here are a few mistakes you risk when you trust your VCT floor care to well-meaning amateurs:

  • When stripping VCT tile, they neglect to strip the old finish before applying a new coat, effectively sealing visible dirt and debris between the old and new layers of finish with no way to sweep it up. This also makes future stripping jobs harder.
  • Waxing the floor around heavy furnishings instead of moving them first and waxing underneath, leaving unprotected areas susceptible to staining or other visual imperfections.
  • Using a cheap wax that dulls and yellows over time and just doesn’t last, requiring more time and effort later to redo it.

With Cleaning Services Group, you don’t have to worry about any of these floor care pitfalls. CSG provides businesses of any size regular VCT floor care treatments—including correctly applying VCT floor polish—according to their custom needs.

Once our floor care technicians get your floors in prime condition, we’ll work with you to come up with a VCT tile floor care plan to ensure your floors continue to look great. We work with you to identify your floor care goals and create an individualized plan of what processes and schedules to follow to keep your VCT tile floors looking their best at all times. We’ll also discuss regular maintenance procedures to prolong your floor’s durability and determine how often it will need to be stripped.

Routinely servicing your VCT tile floor prolongs the lifespan of your flooring, increasing the length of time between more expensive strippings. You get more use out of your floor when you use the professional national floor care services we provided at CSG.

CSG: The Go-To Name in National Floor Care

It’s been our pleasure to service commercial floors of all types across multiple industries for over two decades. Our loyal clients know they can count on consistently high-quality work and customer service from the CSG team. Our secret is keeping our standards high with thorough employee training, the best equipment possible, and a proven work process built on communication, accountability and proactivity.

If that’s what you’re looking for in a professional national  floor care service for your business’s resilient VCT tile floors, CSG is simply your only choice. Not only will we clean and restore your commercial floor to perfection, we’ll do it with your satisfaction as our primary goal.

With over 40 locations across the country, Cleaning Services Group can provide exceptional VCT tile floor care wherever you’re located. CSG began as a small operation, but even as we’ve grown, we’ve retained our small-business feel.

As a national company, though, we have the resources to handle your VCT tile floor care with detailed professionalism. Take a look at these examples of what we’ve done for facilities like yours. It’s easy to see we’re the right choice for all your VCT floor care needs.

Our customized approach to each job is what brings customers back for our floor care services time and time again. That’s why our clients happily share positive words about our VCT floor cleaning and other services.

If you’re looking for personalized floor care, reach out to our CSG team by completing a service inquiry today to learn more about what we can do for you and your floors.


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