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Rubber Floor Care

If your building or facility receives a high volume of foot traffic, you probably appreciate the durability of your rubber floors. The natural elasticity of the rubber makes it especially resilient to being trodden on all day, not to mention water-, scuff-, scratch-, and stain-resistant. There’s really not much a rubber floor can’t handle, and best of all, they’re really easy to maintain.

However, even rubber doesn’t bounce back, so to speak, if you fail to maintain it. If you want to preserve your rubber floor’s durability and enjoy its low maintenance qualities for the long haul, you should consider investing in professional rubber floor care services from the experts at CSG.

Why CSG?

Rubber floor care maintenance isn’t hard, but why take the chance? Nothing ruins a good floor faster than leaving its care to rookies, or worse, neglecting to care for it at all. You’ll get the most out of your floor and your money when you hire the pros at CSG to regularly maintain your rubber floors for you We take the job of excellent floor care off your hands and keep your floors looking great, all at an affordable price.

Because we’re experts when it comes to all kinds of commercial floor care, CSG has the right equipment and know-how to always clean and restore your rubber floor in the best way possible without any risk of damage.

Every job we do is planned out ahead of time and supervised so we do everything right the first time and to your satisfaction. We work with you to determine your floor care goals and establish a plan for ongoing maintenance that keeps your rubber floors looking their best every day of the year.

How the Pros Do Rubber Floor Care

Whether your rubber floor is new or older, sustains high impacts or low, CSG knows what it needs to look good and feel good underfoot. We provide regularly scheduled rubber floor care maintenance and follow the proper cleaning steps to preserve your floor’s durability and appearance no matter where it is.

For daily or weekly cleanings, we rely on three simple but important steps:

  1. Vacuum up all dirt and debris so it does not scrape across your floor and scratch it during cleaning.
  2. Scrape off sticky spots with a plastic or wooden scraper and scrub off heel marks with a damp scrub pad.
  3. Mop with a damp soft mop head and a mix of water and mild, pH neutral detergent to wash off more dirt without leaving standing water.

We also recommend scheduling deep cleanings a few times a year to restore the look and function of your rubber floor. For a more detailed job like this, we use a floor cleaning machine with a light floor cleaning brush to gently but effectively wash away dirt and scuff marks. For textured rubber flooring, we switch to a studded rubber floor brush that can reach even deeply ground in grime.

After a good cleaning, some rubber floors benefit from a good polishing with our buffing machine and a floor conditioner. For the most frequently used floors, we’ll even use a metalized emulsion product to give your floor a glossy look that also protects it from the blemishes that result from lots of foot traffic. Whatever your floor needs to protect it, CSG has the equipment and expertise to help you out.

In fact, we are prepared to clean or maintain rubber floors under many specific circumstances, such as when you have a new rubber floor or if your floor sustains the kind of wear and tear found at a gym. You might not know the best way to address your floor care needs, but CSG does.

New rubber floor care

So you have a newly installed rubber floor, and the installers left behind a bit of a mess. Don’t jump into cleaning just yet. Not all rubber floors are the same. If you have a rubber floor held in place by an adhesive, rather than a click-together or static-weight floor, you’ll need to wait at least 72 hours before cleaning to prevent dislodging the floor.

To be on the safe side, call CSG to clean up for you no matter what kind of rubber floor you have. We know how to mop your new rubber floor to remove any waxy residue left over from manufacturing and can even treat it with a rubber floor finish that gives it an attractive high gloss.

Rubber gym floor care

Do you know how to clean a rubber gym floor? Certain tools and cleaning chemicals suitable for cleaning other types of flooring can damage your rubber floors. CSG knows how to do it right without causing any damage. We can remove gum and other sticky spots, vacuum, and mop with the correct cleaning products to keep your rubber gym floor in perfect condition for you and your patrons.

Call the Rubber Floor Care Experts at CSG

Wherever you have a rubber floor, you can count on it to hold up to the traffic and impacts you subject it to day after day. Similarly, you can count on CSG to be there to clean and maintain your rubber floor for you and keep it looking good day after day.

If you want only the best for your valuable rubber floors, CSG is simply your only choice. We take floor care seriously and have the expertise and equipment to prove it. If you’re ready to see what a difference the pros can make to your commercial rubber floor, contact CSG today to learn more about how we can make floor care easier for you.

rubber floor care

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