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Stone Floor Care

A stone floor is meant to make an impression, which is all the more reason to hire the experts when it comes to meeting your stone floor care needs. At CSG, we understand that your stone floor says something about your business. We’re here to make sure it’s communicating the message you want your customers to hear from your brand.

We know you care about appearances, and we care about what our customers care about. That’s why we’ve dedicated more than 25 years to giving our customers great looking floors with our floor cleaning and maintenance services. Stone floors are no different. The CSG team are experts at stone floor care for all materials, from granite to marble to slate and more.

Care for All Stone Floors

The tricky part of stone floor care is that there are so many different types of stone floor materials with different characteristics. Luckily for our clients, CSG has the knowledge and training required to clean and treat all of them. We have the experience and expertise to make any stone floor shine— no matter its condition.

Among our stone floor services we provide

  • Marble floor cleaning services
  • Granite floor cleaning services
  • Travertine floor cleaning services
  • Slate floor cleaning services
  • Limestone floor cleaning services
  • Stone tile floor cleaning services

Stone floors need more than a good mopping to look their best, though. CSG knows what it takes to give any stone floor that brilliant shine you’re looking for. Not every stone material takes the same treatment when it comes to creating a shine, which is why you should leave techniques like polishing, grinding, coatings, and more to the professionals.

For instance, at CSG we know that while travertine or terrazzo floors can get an extra gleam from applying a coating or finish, these same products are not suitable for most stone floors. Instead, most stone floors benefit from polishing with diamond floor pads. Our CSG floor technicians know how to pick the right abrasive pad to use on each floor to buff out scratches and imperfections and create a perfectly smooth reflective finish without damaging your floors every time.  



stone floor care

Don’t Leave Your Stone Floor Care to Amateurs

Stone floors require a special touch. Many products and pieces of equipment used on other floor materials will damage quality stone floors. It takes extensive training to understand how to properly clean and maintain stone floors without damaging them. If you want to keep your beautiful stone floors looking their best the longest, don’t rely on your typical cleaning crew or janitorial service.

Instead, trust the stone floor care professionals at CSG. We have the proper products, equipment, and techniques to perform your stone floor care right every time. We know the proper processes for cleaning and treating any stone floor to preserve its natural beauty and save you the cost of damaged floor surfaces.

The CSG Process

CSG is committed to meeting our clients’ expectations every time. We achieve this with our proven process that we use with every new job.

When we obtain a new contract, we begin by visiting the service location to assess the extent of the job and any deficiencies in your floor. We establish a baseline of cleanliness and determine the equipment needed to meet this goal.

Next, all staff is trained on what it will take to successfully complete the job. This begins with selecting an Area Manager to train first, followed by selecting a team of professional floor technicians for the project. Everyone attends daily team meetings to go over procedures, safety, and equipment training so everyone is on the same page.

Before work begins at your location, we do a final walk-through with you to review the procedures we plan to use, then management does the same with our team. Then we get to work! After the initial clean up is done, ongoing cleanings are turned over to the cleaning staff and management team to ensure you receive excellent maintenance cleanings for the duration of your contract.

CSG, a Trusted Name in Floor Care

It’s no wonder big name brands trust us with their floors--we’re simply the best at what we do! CSG has provided businesses professionally maintained floors for over two decades and will do the same for you. Our customers’ satisfaction is guaranteed by our high standards, proven processes, and affordability.

Your business’s stone floor is a major investment and not one to be taken lightly. Not just anyone knows how to care for stone floors, and you don’t want to risk damaging such an important feature of your property. If you want your stone floors looking their best indefinitely at an exceptional price, CSG is your only choice for stone floor care. Our trained technicians and professional grade equipment are all you need to get your stone floors shining again. Call CSG today to get the expert treatment your beautiful stone floors deserve.



stone floor care

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