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Central Maine Medical Family

Central Maine Medical Family is an integrated healthcare delivery organization serving central and western Maine. It includes numerous outpatient facilities such as urgent care clinics and general-practice physicians, as well as several large hospitals.

When Central Maine Medical first approached us for assistance, they were working with four different small, mom-and-pop janitorial companies that were very difficult to communicate with. The companies in question didn’t have any supervisors overseeing the cleaning crews, and as a result there was a lot of quality issues. When a problem occurred, it could take several days to get a response from the companies so that the problem could be fixed. They were getting frustrated with the need to constantly make calls both because of quality issues and the fact that nobody ever answered the phone.

Central Maine Medical initially had us take over the cleaning at ten of their facilities. They were thrilled that we were able to offer them real-time information about the status of any of the sites we worked at, and were also very pleased with our excellent communication. As a result, we now are responsible for cleaning 28 of their out-patient facilities throughout central, northern, and western Maine.

Wegmans Grocery

Wegmans is a rapidly growing grocery store chain with nearly 45,000 employees and 87 stores serving millions of customers in six states. CSG currently is responsible for cleaning at over half of all the Wegmans locations in the country.

One problem that we’ve helped solve for Wegmans is keeping their construction sites clean as they erect 4-5 new stores per year. They were having a very hard time keeping the stores clean as they were being built, so they actually brought us in to start working during the construction phase. We helped maintain an environment free from dust, debris, and oil spills from construction equipment, which not only improved the safety of the work site but also ensured that the stores were ready for their grand openings.

We were so successful keeping the stores clean as they were being built that the construction contractor used by Wegmans actually requested that we be involved in future store openings. As a result, we have been awarded the cleaning contract for every new Wegmans location that has opened in the past five years.


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