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CSG’s proprietary technology supports our customers by sharing real-time data, ultimately promoting accountability and enabling us to meet your standards, every time. Our custom technology is the only software in the industry that gives our clients real-time access to Service Tracking, Scheduling, Audits and KPI Metrics.

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CSG Auditing Platform - Designed for You

Communication + Accountability + Proactivity = Stress Free Customer

"The CSG CAP™ program leads to excellent, real-time communication. They call me before I even know I have a problem." -Ben (Cleaning Client)


The only software giving you

real-time access to:

Service Tracking



KPI Metrics

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  • Quality Control - Software that holds us accountable to deliver consistently

  • Service Blueprint - Daily monitoring allows us to be proactive correcting issues in real time

  • Technology and Reporting - Access to Service Tracking, Scheduling, Audits and KPI Metrics

  • Monitoring - Active monitoring including daily check-in, weekly audits and monthly district manager audits

Interactive Response System (IVR)

Real time and cost effective reporting that includes alerts from low quality ratings and service requests, to unrecognized Caller ID. Never worry about a no show or slow response times for any issue.

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Detailing Schedule

A color coded floor plan letting you know exactly which areas will be detailed on any given day.

Computer data

Biometric Security

Offering a higher level of security using the latest in Biometric Security allowing automatic authentication of each employee.

Their CAP™ Software allows them to be proactive and provide consistent quality.
Dick Sortino
They’re always here, they have great communication and I pay just one bill.
Chip Cingari
Thank you again for all you have done and will continue to do in helping our brand grow.
Strategic Initiatives Manager
National Grocery Chain

CSG's Technology

Real-time access to Service Tracking, Scheduling, Audits, and KPI Metrics.

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