Tim R., Retail Services Specialist

“Sean and Diana – I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to you both. We just successfully remodeled 93 stores and reintroduced them to our customers. CSG manages 56 of the 93 stores. The two of you did a fantastic job managing the madness that comes with remodeling this many stores at… Continue reading Tim R., Retail Services Specialist

Major Retailer

CSG has a plan and does what is expected. People show up when they are supposed to. There is good communication between the manager and the store.

Ken Whitaker, Holladay Properties

One of the things we love about CSG is the fact that we don’t see a lot of turnover in the cleaning crews. The trust factor is important to us, and the more familiar we become with the cleaning crews, the more they become part of the family. I also appreciate the fact that even… Continue reading Ken Whitaker, Holladay Properties

Chip Cingari, ShopRite

I once asked a competitor who did their cleaning service because I took one look and said, “Boy, that’s the kind of floor I would like.” I called Cleaning Services Group and said, “I want your services.” That was 18 years ago. They have a great business model for finding and retaining good people. Never,… Continue reading Chip Cingari, ShopRite

David Rothberg,
Laticrete International

CSG has been our service provider for many years at multiple locations. The biggest reason we stay with them is their consistent service. I never hear of issues or complaints, which is important to me because that can become a huge distraction. They’re always available to us when we add a new location, expand an… Continue reading David Rothberg,
Laticrete International

Dick Sortino, Wegmans

CSG is one of the leading janitorial contractors and they are our #1 partner. We have very high standards, which they’ve exceeded time and time again. Communication and follow up is important to us and they make that their priority. Their CAP™ Software allows them to be proactive and provide consistent quality. Couple that with… Continue reading Dick Sortino, Wegmans


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