Sustainability impacts three things: social perception, environmental impact, and potential economic buoyancy. Without one of these three factors, a company cannot achieve a truly sustainable culture. More than ever, 2018 is a year businesses are seeking out creative opportunities to become more self-sufficient, reaping benefits of cost-cutting, eco-friendliness and higher customer satisfaction.

We’ve reviewed the countless questions businesses have when tackling sustainability and realized many of them stem from the following three ideas. 


How Economic Volatility and Sustainability Are Now Part of the Same Conversation

How might long-term global sustainability could positively and negatively impact your business? For example, if certain food products, like coffee beans, are becoming harder to grow due to environmental concerns, you better believe those affected (ah-ehm, Starbucks) will have reason to be highly invested in the idea of ‘going green.’

For commercial cleaning companies over the last decade, there has been a steady leaning-in towards green cleaning products like those from Green Seal, a product provider for CSG, and with good reason. Green-friendly products are obviously deemed healthier for the environment and the associates and inhabitants of the building.

On the wave of this trend, have you noticed how as green products grow in popularity, they become more friendly towards your wallet?

Healthy, happy customers + full-ish wallet= a delightful win-win situation. 

Leaning into sustainability efforts is a form of investment and protection  for your staffers. It builds a buffer from future economic risks. And the one thing we know is that things will change, so we must prepare as best we can against unexpected changes.


Streamlining Operations

Speaking of our more full-ish wallets in 2018, streamlining operations with sustainability in mind may be the key to reducing costs and improve your financial outcomes.

When was the last time your operations budget was put under a microscope?

“Looking for the simplicity in your operations plan is not always the focus, yet the simple, even obvious choices, can prove to be an effective route towards your goals of both cost cutting and innovating.”

With the popularity of sustainable and green-friendly products as well as advances in technology or cleaning equipment options, an investment in this area may very well prove to pay off in the near future. Have you wondered- What if green products and equipment could make some of our older, out of date processes unnecessary?


Do You Have Buy-In From Your Team?

For sustainability programs to stick, staffers need to do them as second-nature, viewing them as an integral way of life- at home and especially at the workspace. 

Do the members of your existing team independently promote green initiatives?

Perhaps the most direct way is the best way- asking. Everyone likes having their opinion listened to.

POLL: What is the best way for you help us go green this quarter? 

  • Reduce paper trails
  • Make office memes about cleaning
  • Replace office supplies with green options
  • Track how often we get shipments;Consolidate them to
    fewer shipments per year or fewer providers
  • Other: We want to hear from you! 

All kidding aside, listening to staffers who have suggested sustainability initiatives increases morale, engagement and can lead to desired cost savings over time.

Not to be overlooked, dubbing a “sustainability champion” to casually promote initiatives can greatly influence buy-in from other associates. Your champion may not necessarily be on the executive team. Use your most active and liked team members to push goals that will end up helping everyone in the long run. Go influencers go!

Are there any instagram models on staff?

A Case Study: Senior Living Facilities

One senior living facility in California can’t remember how they functioned before embracing the use of new eco-friendly products, making sanitation and odor-prevention of their facility much more seamless. 

Being alive and green is our goal. And it can smell delightful!

Powerful Questions

Exploring the lesser-asked questions about sustainability might be the key to your unique business taking a part in the leaning green game in 2018. We have a feeling meaningful sustainability efforts from businesses are not going anywhere anytime soon.

More about CSG:

CSG has clients throughout the United States, offering a wide array of cleaning services, from janitorial to deep clean to maintenance. We developed our proprietary software, CSG Auditing Platform (CAP), to guarantee we reach your cleaning and maintenance standards consistently. We are able to correct any issues in real-time. Our clients have access to Service Tracking, Scheduling, Audits, and KPI Metrics, giving them the ability to have the information they need immediately without even making a phone call.


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