Cleaning an ordinary office is important if only to ensure that the office is a pleasant place to be, but medical office cleaning goes way beyond appearance. If your medical office isn’t properly cleaned, it can harbor potentially dangerous germs that could result in patients getting sicker than they were before they entered your facility.

Rather than entrusting your medical office cleaning to a general janitorial service, consider hiring professional cleaners that are specially trained to clean medical offices. Here are just a few reasons why it’s important to leave medical office cleaning to a specialty cleaning service.

1. Specialty Cleaners are Prepared to Properly Undertake Medical Office Cleaning

Patients enter a medical office with the hope that they’ll feel better— the doctors and staff within will use their knowledge and skill to heal the patients’ medical issues. However, if the office isn’t completely hygienic, the patient can become sicker than they were before they walked through your doors.

Additionally, failure to maintain a high level of cleanliness can cause a rash of employee absenteeism as your staff is felled by the germs that are inevitable when sick people come in and out of your office every day. If you’re running your office with a skeleton crew at the height of cold and flu season, wait times will be longer than normal, which will make sick patients even crankier than they were before they came to the office.

At the peak of cold and flu season, when your office is at its busiest, if the cleaning that must be done to handle the spread of germs isn’t completed properly, you could see an epidemic that might affect both your staff and your patients. A cleaning service with specialty training can keep your medical office properly cleaned and sanitized. A professionally trained team will use the necessary sanitizers to keep everyone at your office, patients and staff alike, healthy.

2. Specialty Cleaners Have the Training and Certification Required for Medical Office Cleaning

A specially-trained cleaning service will not only ensure that your medical office is sanitized and hygienic but they’ll help your office stay compliant within the standards of regulatory bodies such as JCAHO, HIPAA, CDC, OSHA, and more.

In addition to offering compliance-friendly services, a properly-trained cleaning service will help your office avoid expensive fines and create a healthy environment for your patients and staff. Just sweeping, mopping, and emptying trash cans isn’t enough, and that’s the scope of services that an ordinary janitorial service can offer you.

If your cleaning company doesn’t have the necessary industry affiliations, how can you ensure that your office will be properly cleaned? It’s vital that you seek a service that emphasizes the importance of training for everyone on their team.

3. A Specialty Cleaning Service Increases Your Medical Office’s Profitability

Bringing a specialty cleaning service in to properly clean your medical office might sound like a big expense, but you might be surprised by the ROI. Not only will your office project an air of health and hygiene, but it will also leave patients with the impression that you prioritize their comfort and well-being.

Patients that are happy with their care share their experiences with their friends and family, bringing you much-coveted referral business. However, if patients are greeted with sub-par conditions, including dirty restrooms, cobwebs in the corners of the rooms and on the ceiling, trash on the floor, and smudged doorways and windowsills, their friends and families will hear about that, too.  A clean medical office is an office that will see repeat business.

Word of mouth is a vital part of retaining new business; if your patients are not impressed by the level of cleanliness found in your office, they’ll be unlikely to share a positive report with their friends. Physician referrals are another important method of increasing your patient numbers, and if physicians hear back from disgruntled (or disgusted) patients that your office is less-than-hygienic, they’re unlikely to continue to send patients your way.

 4. Specialty Cleaners are More Affordable

This might sound counterproductive. After all, wouldn’t it be cheaper to just task your staff with cleaning the office, whether it’s throughout their shift or at the end of the day? In a word, no.

Your staff is paid to perform previously agreed-upon duties, and adding deep-cleaning the office to their already long task list is a recipe for a poorly-cleaned office. It would probably take your untrained staff longer to thoroughly clean your office than it would take a team of highly-trained cleaning professionals.

When you weigh your employees’ hourly wage against the cost of hiring a team of specialty cleaners, you might be surprised by the outcome. Plus, when you hire professional cleaners, you know your office won’t just look good, but it will also be completly sanitized and safe for your patients, your staff, and yourself.

While your budget is certainly important, it’s important to remember that old adage: you get what you pay for!


Relying upon the services of a professionally trained cleaning service will ensure that the job is done quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly, and at a price that is surprisingly affordable. Rather than paying a standard janitorial money big bucks to do a sub-par cleaning job, leave the medical office cleaning to the experts.

Ready to trust the vitally important job of medical office cleaning to highly trained professionals? Contact us today for a free quote.


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