It’s easy to tell when retail stores hire professional cleaning companies.
Their restrooms are cleaner, their windows are shinier, their floors are free from debris and dirt, and their shoppers are happier. But wait… can’t this be accomplished by the store’s employees after hours? If everyone pitched in and helped, it would be done in no time, right? Surely your staff can create a clean and hygienic shopping environment for your customers?

In a word, no.

Read on to learn exactly why retail stores hire professional cleaning companies to get their shopping spaces into tiptop shape.

Cleaning Companies are Trained to Clean Properly

If you’re imagining your staff happily whistling as they clean toilets, polish sinks, polish floors, and mop the floors in your store’s restrooms, think again. Unfortunately, this is probably closer to reality: a lone worker half-heartedly jabs a brush around the rim of the toilet and swipes a rag across the porcelain sink— missing the glob of soap that inevitably rests under the dispenser.  They might sweep, pick up the paper towels that didn’t make it to the trash can, and call it done.

When a customer walks into this restroom, will they be satisfied with the cleanliness? A whopping 95% of customers say that the state of a retail establishment’s restrooms is a make-or-break factor whether they will visit the store again. When they’re greeted with a barely-clean bathroom, it could be the last time they visit your store.

Enter the professional cleaning company. In no time at all, the team will have your restrooms sparkling clean and up to anyone’s standards of hygiene, not to mention the clean entryway and shiny floors and windows throughout the rest of the space. A cleaning service has the tools and the know-how to maintain your retail space properly, ensuring that your customers won’t be driven away by dirty floors or horror-movie restrooms. When you leave the job to the pros, you can rest easy knowing that it’s done right the first time.

Retail Stores Hire Professional Cleaning Companies to Mitigate Risk

Cleaning can be dangerous. Between wet, slippery floors and potentially dangerous chemicals, there are many opportunities for untrained workers to do damage to themselves and others, all because they don’t have the know-how necessary to do the job safely.

A professional cleaning company offers intensive training to their workers, ensuring that they are fully apprised of the safest way to complete any job they’re requested to do. In addition to performing the work safely, when retail stores hire professional cleaning companies, they’re protecting themselves from financial harm should an unfortunate accident occur. Pros have proper insurance coverage so that if someone is injured while cleaning your retail establishment, you won’t be liable for expensive medical bills.

The CSG difference guarantees that your facility will be cleaned consistently without compromise— you’ll get the quality you want at the price you need. Our dedication to providing the best possible service extends to a wide variety of industries, including retail.

Ready to get started? Contact us today and see what a difference it makes when retail stores hire professional cleaning companies.


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