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CSG Auditing Platform (CAP™) – Proprietary Software Designed For You

You have high expectations of your janitorial service, and rightfully so. That is why we developed our proprietary CAP™ software, to allow our people to deliver on those expectations.

Facility Services based on Accountability

Accountability isn’t just a claim we make on our website. It’s our commitment to each and every client.  Accountability for delivering results is only possible when every person in our organization takes ownership to deliver the best customer experience. The result is less than 20% employee turnover, which enables us to deliver consistent, quality cleaning to your facility.

Quality Control - Cleaning Services Group


CAP™ CSG Platform is the proprietary tool we use to define the results we hold our people accountable to deliver. It enables us to meet your standards and do it consistently.

Service Blueprint - Cleaning Services Group


CSG has a Customer Service Blueprint that works. Daily monitoring allows us to be Proactive rather than Reactive, correcting issues in real-time.

Technology and Reporting - Cleaning Services Group


Our custom technology is the only software in the industry that gives clients real-time access to Service Tracking, Scheduling, Audits and KPI Metrics.

Monitoring - Cleaning Services Group


Facility services based on accountability. CSG’s Management team are committed to active monitoring that includes daily check-in, weekly audits and monthly District Manager audits.

Biometric Security - Cleaning Services Group


Some of our clients require an additional layer of security. CSG uses the latest in Biometric Security with finger print scanning technology. This allows the system to automatically authenticate each employee.

Biometric Security offers clients who need it, a higher level of security. Plus it helps to avoid 'buddy punching'.

Another advantage of Biometric Security is that an individual can be directly connected to a particular action or an event. This means we have an audit trail of specific activities.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)


CSG utilizes Real Time Reporting through our IVR Portal. IVR communication is cost effective and allows you, our Customer, to view the same details online.

Real Time Reporting includes alerts for low quality ratings, service requests, and unrecognized Caller ID. Our No Show Alert Summary allows us to handle no-shows within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time by location. So you’ll never come in the next morning wondering why the cleaning wasn’t done.

Cleaners and customers can contact our CSG management team by leaving voicemails that immediately notify our DM's of any issues that may have come up so that they can respond proactively.

You have access to daily, weekly or monthly Service Reports for performance reviews. We monitor this information daily and report back to you on an exception based reporting schedule so that you don't need to be involved in the day to day.

Cleaning technologies and equipment


Cleaning Services Group is leading the industry in using the most advanced cleaning equipment to meet our customers' high standards. We are totally committed to customer satisfaction, which means increasing productivity while decreasing the use of chemicals, water and energy resources.

Some of our floor cleaning technology includes the ability to switch between chemical free cleaning and varying degrees of chemical dispensing. Low flow dispensing can reduce water usage by up to 70% compared to conventional floor scrubbing. User friendly, ergonomic controls allow operator adjustments on the fly for different surface types and unexpected cleaning challenges.

We match the equipment to the needs of the location. Whether it's a walk-behind automatic scrubber for tighter areas, or riding scrubbers for larger areas, we have the right equipment to do the job. We also manage all equipment inventory using bar code technology. We know where the equipment is, where it's been, and if it's scheduled for use at another location.

CSG has a proactive plan for ZERO DOWNTIME on equipment. Your service will never suffer because we also maintain back-up equipment for every site. Our Certified Mechanics are on-call nationwide. Each piece of equipment has a full maintenance schedule that includes weekly and monthly audits as well as quarterly preventive maintenance.

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