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Consistency without Compromise—Is it Possible?

It’s no secret that in the commercial cleaning industry, keeping costs to a minimum is extremely important. You don’t want to spend a fortune keeping your facility clean, and in fact you’d rather not have to spend anything on it at all. However, because you recognize that dirt is one of those unpleasant realities that isn’t going away by itself, you know you need to hire a cleaning company. You may be tempted to simply award the contract to whoever can do the work for the least amount of money, but before you do so, consider the potential hidden costs of that decision:

  • What is the cost to you when you have to spend time calling back your cleaning company to complete work that wasn’t done properly the first time?
  • What is the cost to you when your cleaning company doesn’t show up on time (or at all), and doesn’t follow up to fix problems or respond to emergencies?
  • What is the cost to you when OSHA or other government agencies fine you because of health or safety violations related to negligence on the part of your cleaning company?
  • What is the cost to you when customers visiting your business are turned off by unsanitary conditions that your cut-rate cleaning contractor overlooked?

When you take these questions into consideration, it becomes evident that the potential costs of hiring the lowest bidder could be quite high. But what if there was a way to get the results you want without compromising on price? Is that even possible?

Experience the CSG Difference

We’re happy to report that when you work with CSG, high-quality service at a price that doesn’t burst your budget is possible. Of course, that’s what every other company in the cleaning business promises also. What makes CSG different? We believe our core difference can be summed up with one word: Accountability.

Our proprietary CAP™ software holds us accountable

The CSG Auditing Platform (CAP™) is the proprietary tool we use to define the results we hold our people accountable to deliver. It’s the only software in the industry that combines scheduling, internal audits, 3rd party audits, and reporting on KPI metrics. Here’s a snapshot of how it works:

Our process holds us accountable

At CSG, the acronym CAP doesn’t just stand for our one-of-a-kind software. It also references our company philosophy of communication, accountability, and proactivity that leads to stress-free service for our customers.

CAP™ → Communication + Accountability + Proactivity = Stress Free Customer

Communication starts at the top and weaves its way through the entire CSG organization. Our management and front-line cleaners must all believe in our mission of accountability and proactivity if we are to provide a high level of service. And that communication carries forward to our customers. Frequent communication at the facility level plus the ability of our clients to easily reach the upper management at CSG are important to our clients. It’s one of the things they’ve said makes us different from our biggest competitors.

Accountability is achieved in many ways – through hiring the right service providers, effective training, and accountability technology that is used in every facility we clean, every day. Front line cleaners are not left on their own, they check in with supervisors daily, which keeps them engaged and accountable.

Proactivity is the result of hiring the right people, training them on our system of communication and accountability, and empowering them to be proactive in their job and serving the customer. CSG front level staff and management are trained to…

  • recognize potential problems
  • own the problem by making a decision to take action
  • solve the problem by deciding on a course of action and/or involving their supervisor
  • fix the problem by using their training

CSG’s staff are proactive at every level, and are trained to ask the question, “What else can I do?” to achieve the desired result. By applying these concepts, employees begin to embrace accountability in their daily work. And that is why we can deliver tangible, measureable results for each of our clients.

Our process holds us accountable

CSG is a very entrepreneurial company. We actively solicit ideas from everyone in the organization from the cleaners to management, and then test the best ideas to make sure they work in the real world. If they pass the test, we implement them right away throughout the company. At our larger competitors, on the other hand, multiple layers of management and bureaucratic red tape make change a slow and painful process.

Thanks to our proprietary software, our process, and our people, when you work with us you won’t have to spend time managing your cleaning service. As we all know, time is money, so giving you more time to run your core business has a direct impact on your bottom line. That’s why we know that while we may or may not have the lowest price, we are definitely the best choice for your cleaning partner.


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