Is Your Commercial Cleaning Service Delivering What They Promised?

Distribution Centers

Distribution Centers

When it comes to distribution center cleaning, you need a janitorial service with the experience to do the job right.

You'd rather spend your time focusing on your business, so let us plan and schedule your cleaning services. We'll take the burden off your shoulders with our custom cleaning programs.

Distribution centers have unique cleaning needs due to the constant movement of people, equipment and boxes and pallets. This increases the amount of dust and dirt in the warehouse, and even floating in the air. A clean warehouse will improve your employees' health and productivity. In addition, it will improve equipment operation.

Distribution Center Cleaning and Safety

One of the main concerns when it comes to cleaning distribution centers and large warehouses is the safety of the employees who work there. 

You need a healthy, safe and clean warehouse to ensure employee productivity. Keeping your facility clean reduces downtime and helps ensure you are in full compliance with OSHA regulations. We take care of providing safety training to our cleaning technicians using documented safety training programs.

Staffing Services

Do you have seasonal times during the year when you have increased temporary staffing needs? CSG can help! 

Not only do we provide distribution center cleaning, we can offer additional support and staffing services. This will enable you to continually meet production goals.


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Is Your Commercial Cleaning Service Delivering What They Promised?

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