Is Your Commercial Cleaning Service Delivering What They Promised?

Distribution Centers

Distribution centers have practically the most movement of people and things than any other kind of building. There are always large commercial vehicles dropping off truckloads of boxes and pallets, there are people there to receive them, and even more people coming in to pick up products.

The constant movement increases the amount of dust and dirt in the warehouse. There are even motes that you cannot see, floating in the air all around you. Your employees and any customers or business partners that come to your facility are breathing these in and out, all day long.

CSG has the experience to help you keep your distribution center a clean and healthy work environment for your employees and anyone else who walks into your facility. Distribution centers are even bigger now than they ever have been before, thanks to the increase in online ordering. We know you need every moment to focus on your business, so let us focus on your cleaning!

Distribution Center Cleaning and Safety

One of the main concerns when it comes to cleaning distribution centers and large warehouses is the safety of the employees who work there.

You need a healthy, safe, and clean warehouse to ensure employee productivity. Keeping your facility clean reduces downtime and helps ensure you are in full compliance with OSHA regulations. We take care of providing safety training to our cleaning technicians using documented safety training programs.

The amount of dust that builds up in a distribution center can quickly become a safety hazard. Your employees’ health will be impacted by breathing in dust and dirt, causing their sick days to go up and production to go down. If dust and dirt buildup is left unchecked, it can become a fire hazard, especially around electrical equipment.

Our Services, Your Schedule

We can tailor our cleaning services to the schedule you need. CSG knows that distribution centers have busier times of day, busier times of month, and busier times of the year. Your cleaning schedule should be able to be adjusted to your needs.

We also have the ability to customize a cleaning plan on your facility’s specific needs. We know that no two distribution centers are alike. We will walk through your facility with your management team, discussing your concerns and pointing out any prospective issues we detect with our trained eye. We can then create a plan that will not only take care of all of your commercial cleaning and janitorial cleaning needs, but we can also provide pallet support (stacking and organizing), plastic support (removing and disposing), and cardboard support (recycling and bailing) all while staying within your budget.  Our goal is always your 100% satisfaction.

distribution center

Staffing Services

Do you have times throughout the year when you have increased need for temporary staffing? CSG can help!  Not only do we provide distribution center cleaning, we can offer additional support and staffing services. This will enable you to continually meet production goals without skipping a beat.

A Commercial Cleaning Service You Can Trust

With all of the people and workers constantly coming in and out of your distribution center, you need to know that the cleaning service you have hired is completely trustworthy and appropriately insured. Our workers will always be in uniform— this makes sure they’re easily identifiable so your staff will know in an instant who they are and why they are there.

We do background checks on all of our employees, so no matter what time of day they are in your facility, you know only the most trustworthy individuals are working for you.

CSG has over 40 locations nationwide, so no matter where your distribution centers are, we are there to serve you. Contact our customer service team today to set up a meeting for your distribution center, and hire the only commercial cleaning service you’ll ever need.


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