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Educational Cleaning

Educational cleaning presents a number of challenges, in part because sanitation and cleanliness is not top-of-mind for most students. Our goal when cleaning an educational facility is to minimize the spread of germs and bacteria in a very high-traffic environment.

The places with the most amount of germs are a bit surprising. Bathrooms, for example, are not necessarily a hotbed for germs because they are more regularly cleaned, while cafeteria trays are much more likely to be a place for significant germ transfer.

CSG can work with your facility to keep these areas as clean as possible to keep your staff and students attending work and school.

educational cleaning

Educational Cleaning Concerns

Health and attendance of students and staff are key to your cleaning program. According to the Healthy Schools, Healthy People, It’s a SNAP! (School Network for Absenteeism Prevention) program, infectious disease accounts for 22 million lost school days for staff and students a year. Encouraging hand washing, as SNAP! does, is vital to stopping the spread of illness, but you must hire a cleaning company with educational cleaning experience.

CSG uses a sustainable approach to cleaning and will customize the program to fit your individual needs. Our environmentally friendly cleaning programs will improve indoor air quality and reduce the spread of germs throughout the facility. This leads to a healthier, more productive environment for students, faculty, and staff.

When preventing the spread of the cold and flu viruses, the cleaning of your educational facility must be done in the same manner and to the same standard, every time. Our quality control processes, as well as the way we train all of our employees, ensures your building will join you in the fight against germs.

Cost of cleaning and maintenance is a major concern of educational facilities. CSG will help reduce your costs while maintaining or even improving the quality of service received. Included in our program is pre-scheduled floor care services to ensure periodic services are scheduled in advance for optimum appearance and asset preservation.

To prolong the life of your carpet, hardwood, tile, or any other type of flooring, regular care is required. Fortunately, CSG keeps track of this so you don’t have to. With kids in the building, any number of spills or accidents can happen; we are there to make sure these don’t become permanent stains.

You will never have to worry about equipment breaking down— we guarantee our equipment will have zero downtime.

Types of Educational Facilities We Clean

Depending on the type of educational facility you are, different types of expertise might be required. In elementary schools or preschools, you must take into consideration younger children’s immune systems are not as resilient as those of the older students.

High traffic areas are different depending on the type of educational facility, too. CSG has the knowledge to clean any type of facility, regardless of their needs. Cleaning Services Group provides cleaning services to these types of educational facilities:

  • Colleges and Universities
  • Technical and Vocational School Campuses
  • K-12, private and charter schools
  • High Schools

Additional Educational Cleaning Resources

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