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Are you looking through dusty, smudged or dirty windows? Perhaps it’s time for a professional window cleaning.

When it comes to the care of your commercial building, you need a national janitorial service that can handle it all—including your commercial window cleaning needs. At CSG, we serve a wide variety of industries, and we offer cleaning services from the top to the bottom of your building.

Utilizing just one cleaning company for your national janitorial services and your commercial window cleaning service means your facility will stay in the best shape possible over time. Better yet? A national janitorial service that can also handle your commercial window cleaning will save you time and money—you don’t have to waste time vetting new window cleaning companies; you can work with a team you already know and trust.

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Commercial Window Cleaning Inside and Out on Your Schedule

At CSG, we take the time to wash the inside and outside of your windows for a brilliant shine and streak-free windows. You won’t believe the difference it makes once your windows have been cleaned outside and in!

Our cleaning teams track how frequently you need commercial window cleaning and remind you when it’s time for your next cleaning so you never have to worry whether or not you’re overdue for a commercial window washing.

Additionally, we adjust our cleaning schedule to accommodate your needs based on specific times of the year when your windows need more or less attention. For example? You might need your windows to be cleaned more frequently when you see a seasonal upswing in business or based on changing weather patterns.

We do this to save you time and money—we don’t want you to overpay for window cleaning services in your slow season or when the weather is nice.

Instead, we help you schedule extended time between cleanings during these slower periods so you can budget to increase the frequency when things speed up or when blustery storms leave your windows looking dirty.

Improve Your Image and Environmental Impact

Since CSG is already cleaning your building, we will easily be able to ensure your facility’s windows stay clean. Your building’s appearance impacts the impression you leave on visitors and employees alike. Imagine what dingy, dusty windows would say about your organization!

Maintaining high standards of cleanliness will only enhance your impression, ensuring that you appear professional to anyone who walks through the door.

Clean windows can also dramatically improve the amount of light that streams into your building. If you have not had your windows cleaned on a regular schedule, you will be amazed at the difference our commercial window cleaning teams make.

The more natural light you have in your building, the less you will spend on energy to light your offices, stores or industrial facilities. This is just one more way you can make your company a more environmentally friendly business.

Green, Effective Cleaning: Water-Fed Pole Systems

Our commercial window cleaning teams spend a great deal of time in training before they ever service your building. CSG’s window washers are skilled in the most productive squeegee techniques and use of the latest eco-friendly equipment, such as water-fed pole systems.

Water-fed pole systems use purified water with a pole and brush to clean windows. Water is purified by a process called deionization, or reverse osmosis. When solids are dissolved from the water, it converts the water into a safe and effective cleaning agent. This means there aren’t dangerous or toxic chemicals being used to clean the outside of your building, helping to increase your company’s goals of having positive environmental impacts in your community.

What are the positive environmental benefits of using a water-fed pole system for your window cleaning services?

  • No chemical runoffs from soaps, detergents or degreasers
  • Limited noise pollution since there are no generators, air compressors or other loud commercial equipment
  • Limited air pollution since there are no gas-powered lifts or booms

Our water-fed pole system minimizes the environmental impact of our building window cleaning services. Since we don’t use soaps and detergents, the water runoff from our window cleaning is safe for your landscaping and won’t hurt plants or animals that come in contact with the runoff the way harsh chemicals can.

Most water-fed pole systems can reach up to three stories. This means we can save time and money with less set up for scaffolds or ladders. We know you don’t love the look of scaffolds and ladders on your building during business hours, so we’ve invested in the water-fed pole system to decrease the need for this unsightly equipment.

Plus there is no need for lift rental at these lower heights. Our water-fed pole system is lightweight, quick and easy to assemble. Your commercial window cleaning will not be a long, drawn-out process anymore, saving you vast amounts of money.

Extensive Safety Training to Protect You

We take our role as a commercial window washing company very seriously. Commercial window cleaning requires in-depth, ongoing staff training to safely use the tools and equipment necessary to do the job right. The last thing we want is for someone to fall or for a tool to drop and hurt someone or break a window, so our entire window cleaning team goes through a thorough safety training program. The safety of our staff, your staff and your building are of the utmost concern to us at CSG.

Our commercial window cleaning staff are trained in the safe use of all equipment, ladder safety and fall protection. We also provide our staff with ongoing training to ensure when standards are updated for safety and protection, we immediately implement them.

We fully comply with all OSHA safety standards and carry the necessary insurance required for window washing services. You can trust the CSG commercial window cleaning staff to be professional, safe and efficient when servicing your building.

Choose CSG as Your Commercial Window Cleaning Company

CSG has an excellent customer service team that is ready to help you set up your commercial window cleaning schedule. Just give us a call, and we can walk you through our commercial window washing service as well as any other professional cleaning service you might need. We have the tools and the training to handle it all!

We work across a wide array of industries to bring clear, clean windows to clients throughout the country, working out of more than 40 office branches. Although our reach is widespread, our focus is still on providing exceptional care to our clients. We understand what it’s like to run a small business, and we have your best interests at heart, whether we are cleaning your windows, polishing your floors or providing routine national janitorial services.

When you call to set up a commercial window washing, our customer service team will send a supervisor to come to your facility. They will meet with you and discuss all of your commercial window cleaning options and any other areas of concern you have. You will have a quote and a cleaning plan set up before any work is started.

Remember, CSG has got you covered no matter what your commercial cleaning needs! Ready to learn more? Complete a service inquiry for more information on our commercial window washing services today!


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